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Deep House


Soul Clap
Crosstown Rebels

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 26-07-2010
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What we say

Crosstown Rebels are delighted to announce the debut label release from purveyors of the E-Funk, the mighty Soul Clap, showcasing their irresistible blend of funk inspired house music that appeals to
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Crosstown Rebels are delighted to announce the debut label release from purveyors of the E-Funk, the mighty Soul Clap, showcasing their irresistible blend of funk inspired house music that appeals to all music lovers. Title track and lead on EP, Action/Satisfaction has been wetting the soles of international feet worldwide, appearing on Soul Claps infamous Miami mix CD and is a prime example of the duos unique ability to fuse elements of melodic soul, groovy funk, contemporary hip-hop, all through the medium of cutting edge house. A2, and Break 4 Life up's the tempo and makes clever use of a familiar sample to devastating effect. An amazing drop and a funk fuelled groove that works a treat on the floor. One half of My My and master of the remix, Lee Jones transforms the title track into a bubbling blend of enticing house music, creating a heady, hallucinogenic hot ass remix. Finally the last track is a slew of samples and choppy beats creating a raw, urban edge in the final track, Noneadatwhitestar, stepping down in tempo while still keeping a booty shaking dancefloor essence. Soul Clap have been drawing recent attention with their forward thinking productions, remixes and edits on Brooklyns Wolf + Lamb, Airdrop Records, Culprit, and many more. With an album in the works and appeal across many musical boundaries, Soul Clap are reaching far beyond traditional dance music fields.

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DJ Comments (24)

Matt Tolfrey

"Love the guys, i am sure this is going to be played for some time. Good work."

Anthony Collins

"lee remix is tight."


".. this is gooooood!"

Danny Tenaglia

"all sound nice.."

Simon Baker

"original and Lee Jones both sound nice to me!"


"cool trax - another strong release - grungy house - playing."

Chris Duckenfield

"'Never penguin, never penguin, never penguin' Now that's a chant for post-clubland clubbing if I ever heard one ! Typically irresistible workouts from Soul Clap. Harking back to the beginning, with plenty of bits from the middle, just in time for the end."

Gavin Herlihy

"Love break 4 life...Goldie's sample always halts a dancefloor in it's tracks and it's great to have that power harnessed for 2010. Rest of the EP are all winners as well but Break pips the post for me.. Great to see the guys all over it and taking Crosstown into it's next phase."

Sebo K

"lovely tracks by soul clap as usual but lee's remix is killing it! such a monster! perfect for the open air and festival season that has just started!"

Matthew Styles

"nice release froms oul clap."

Paul Woolford

"Particularly like the use of Goldie in 'Break 4 Life' which is deliciously trippy. Another feather in their cap."

Will Saul

"Superb EP. My boy Lee Jones delivers a bomb with his remix....."

Groove Armada

"superb use of roni size sample on break 4 life,I've heard this played by damian last month inberlin and it was a good surprise!! nice EP."


"amazing! i love the guys."

Milton Jackson

"soul clap are awesome, and this ep proves it!"

Ivan Smagghe

"love their stuff even if people think it's miles away from what I play. proves again that there is only two kind of music: good and bad."

Wolf + Lamb

"another solid crosstown release with equal parts action and satisfaction for me crate! keeps it coming boys..."


"I like the Lee Jones rmx, will play out."


"Great release here. Loving all tracks. Nice work gents!!! Power to the people!"


"Yet another brilliant Soul Clap release. something for all occasions here but i'm probably going to get the most plays out of Break 4 Life. excellent stuff."

Silicone Soul

"A great release from CR & Soul Clap cool music and good vibes! will get a lot of joy from Lee Jone's mix!"

Ewan Pearson

"irresistible indeed. a wonderful EP."


"Break 4 life is the SHIT! Lovely tune. Action/Satisfaction is high too!"

Lee Burridge

"break 4 life warms my cockles. delicious. lee jones remix is top too."
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