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Deep House


Steinhoff & Hammouda & Dionne

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 15-06-2009
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What we say

When Jus- Ed played his legendary 5 hours DJ-Set in Hamburg in February 2008 it was the beginning of the Underground Quality - Smallville - Connection. Bridgeport, Hamburg, Paris, Berlin: One Love and
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When Jus- Ed played his legendary 5 hours DJ-Set in Hamburg in February 2008 it was the beginning of the Underground Quality - Smallville - Connection. Bridgeport, Hamburg, Paris, Berlin: One Love and deephouse at it’s best. At that night in Hamburg, Jus- Ed deeply fell in love with Steinhoff & Hammouda’s “You Are” (Smallville06), to be played at the Underground Quality radio show almost every wednesday. So the Real House Daddy from Bridgeport created a lovely floating version of that tune-can you feel it! In the meantime Julius Steinhoff and Abdeslam Hammouda found themselves back in studio with Hamburg’s newcomer Dionne, who also works at smallville record shop, to produce a couple of superb flavoured Housetunes for the upcoming Dial sublabel Laid- and a first sweet anthem for this UQ/Smallville release that is….

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DJ Comments (67)

Till Von Sein

danke fuers schicken..sehr sehr schoene trax,was fuer den i pod und die fahradausfluege am sonntag..
gruesse till


jus-ed uq...very nice, moody and deep all at once


Really dig the original, raw, simple & hypnotic, my shit really...


incredible!!! like all Smallville, deep and sweet. Love both cuts. Thanks a lot!

Blog - Randomcircuits.com

Excellent. I love the piano on "Touch" & how it sets the tone very nicely. A real deep house track.
Jus-Ed's remix of "You Are" is a sparse house track packed full of tight rhythms, tighter melodies, and fired up grooves. Will do a full review closer to release date.


original is great, gonna play 4 sure

Will Saul

Love both mixes of this....full support from me.


super smallville ! i really like both tracks - full points !

Magazine - Lodown // Forty

Love the subtlety. 'Touch' will be the winner when played after 7am...

Blog - mnmlssg.blogspot.com

lovely sounds. very happy these guys have another release. yet another stunning release from smallville.

what a big one! `touch` is great.

Jacob Husley

the first track on the ep is the best for me!

Jeremy P.Caulfield

The original is perfect ! Perfect Beat .. i wish it were a hat because if it were it would fit perfectly and i would wear it everyday. Alas it is not a hat , and i cannot wear it . but I will play it ..

Gruber & Nürnberg

Thanks for this strong release! "Touch" is a really nice deep house track and we'll play it for sure! Hamburg rules ;o)
See you at Smallville...


touch is superb. will chart


wunderbare warme nummer!!
tausend dank.

Dave Ellesmere

the original is really nice will play it for sure

Brett Johnson

Pretty decent deep house, i like the original the best.... although Jus-ed's mix is interesting.

Magazin - Proud // Till Kolter

woohar, this is dope!

Pitchfork / Beatportal / Spin - Philipp Sherburne

very nice stuff... i like the kind of toy-keyboard quality on the original, sort of funny and fake but also a little melancholy... cool!

Magazine - Posivision

Touch ; eveal fundamental strengths of Artist, nice groove!

Jus-Ed U.Q. Euphoric Remix : have a calming effect:) peace.

Blog - Inputselector.fr

Nice rythmic and deep melody

Michael Melchner

I like the original! thanks


next bomb from smallville...love the jus ed remix...killer groove!


touch is great. nice chunky beats. thanx.

Whatpeopleplay's Bodo

funky deep house like i need - will play it


rock-solid deep house grooves...Jus-Ed mix of You Are is my fav but Touch works the floor

Ryan Elliot

Loving Touch, thanks!

Stacey Pullen

nice deep house groove that really hypnotic. will support

Brothers Vibe

Smokin'! Great mixes - Full support!

Men In Trees

nice deep house. I will try both mixes. Thank you

Sebo K

excellent! will play and chart!

2000 And One

very nice deep touch indeed. emotional chords which i like. nice one

Markus Fix

touch is really nice track, love it...

DJ Emerson

great deep house music i like the 808 rmx thank you


deep & abstract. Touch is cool thanks.


loving both tracks...will play!!!

Hot Chip

Two more lovely tracks from Smallville

3 Channels

yeah! i like "touch"
voitek catzndogz


Absolutely love this release, both tracks are super, but touch is my favourite. In the box for sure!!!


lovely & smooth & deep tracks ! :)

Dj Jee (Technorama / Tsugi)

Good quality sounds like always with Smaville. Original for me !

Sven Tasnadi

great ep from julius...like it!

Kabale Und Liebe

touch is quite nice

Benny Rodrigues

yeah, nice honest grooves for the deeper floors, i love it! in fact i love everything about smallville! :-)

DJ Phly

groovy sophisticated stuff, love it


Magazine - OurHouse // Dean Facer

both tracks are great, will support + review for OurHouse magazine, www.ourhousemag.com

Margaret Dygas

i luv it!!thank you :)

Oleg Poliakov

well, thx to share you new dawn ! ,)
great release, i like both versions, will play & chart

Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones

Original wird getestet!

Rene Breitbarth


Robert Dietz

touch is the one for me. very hypnotic...

Maurizio Schmitz

Touch gefällt mir gut, werde ich spielen!
Der Jus-Ed Remix ist schön, aber eher etwas für den sonnigen Morgen oder die entspannteren Momente


Smallville are totally banging it at the moment. this is yet another brilliant release with the original being my fave and choice for playing out. nice one!

Heiko Hoffmann (Groove / Radio Fritz Nightflight)

like it.


deep stuff. i like !!

Ruede Hagelstein

i touch it

Ronan Fitzgerald

loved these guys last record and this is ace too, definitely going to play this especially the original mix. keep sharing the dawn!

Blog - onlyhousemusic.org

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

Jus-Ed U.Q>Euphoric Remix is mesmerizing - quality sounds!

Brian Cares

some classic soundz here. like the 808 approach.
the euphoric rmx does it for me. thanks.


super release, super label!
thanks 4 vinyl!!!

Richie Hawtin

download for R. Hawtin

Magazine - Dance Club Portugal // Jose Bello

liking this! original is the one for me as it has the deepness and the dancefloor appeal that i like all rolled up with the usual smallville class.

Marco Resmann

"touch" is nice. thx.


Feeling the original big time...
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