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Deep House


Funkworm EP
Diynamic Music

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 10-09-2007
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What we say

After the incredible over night success of “Feuervogel", Stimming (Producer of Gebrüder Ton) finally releases his first solo-EP! A1 *Funworm*: It is what it says! This track is gonna crawl into you
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After the incredible over night success of “Feuervogel", Stimming (Producer of Gebrüder Ton) finally releases his first solo-EP! A1 *Funworm*: It is what it says! This track is gonna crawl into your brain and will never let you go again!A2 *Liberaos*: Spanish accent vocals heat up this fantastic deep grooving minimal-house track. Sex on the dancefloor!B *Getting Out*: A wonderful emotional anthem. A track to dream away, for the fans of harmony in the club. Enjoy yourself!

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DJ Comments (18)

C-Rock (Lo-Fi Stereo)

*Liberaos* find ich super - werde ich im Radio spielen und mit nach Sardinien nehmen.

Daniel FX (Trenton Rec.)

die diynamic 008 gefällt mir sehr gut. sowieso die letzten releases sindd echt geil! wird heute abend direkt gespielt ;)

David Keno (Keno Rec.)

Wow! Getting out ist phänomenal!! Hammer... Landet definitiv in meinem Koffer. Wenn Ihr so weiter macht wird diynamic noch zu meinem Lieblinslabel ;)

Ed Davenport (liebe*detail)

yes I love the sound of it! Cant wait to hear it on vinyl. I loved the last few releases so it would be an absolute pleasure if you could send me the record?

Fabrice Lig (Fcom)

Funkworm is a killer track once again, super funky track ! To let u move ur ass on the dancefloor ! Excellent ! Full support. ”

Frankie (Frankie Rec.)

i 'm listening "liberaos" right now.love the groove:) and the warm iberican atmosphere of that track great track ...will play it. "getting out" is also great produced...like much the arrangements he uses the sound of mandoline? definitely gives a deeper beautifull melancolic feeling and finally "funkworm" more funky house track with groovy bassline like much the rupture by deeper break with deep chords and bass synth trump will play it for sure.”

Giles Smith (DJ Mag /UK)

FORTHCOMING REVIEW FROM DJ...... STIMMING - Funkworm (Diynamic) 3.5* Nice to see there are still a few producers out there producing deep, warmer, quirky minimal material. "Funky Worm" does exactly what It says on the tin. A funky, live sounding bassline worms its way across a backdrop of quirky percussion and some deep slightly melacholy horn riff sneaks into the mix. "Liberaos" has a raw, jacking feel with some latin vocals. Last up "Getting Out of Something" is a dramatic, epic track with huge subby bass, plucked strings and more intersting percussion.

James Mowbray (Four:Twenty)

All very nice tracks from Stimming. I like the vibe on Liberaos, particularly the vocal edits, very eery.

Jesse Rose

all about the a2, great for the mix. with thanks. x

Karotte (Cocoon)

wieder eine gute diynamic. für mich ganz klar die A2 zum spielen. aber auch die b seite funktioniert im richtigen moment sehr gut.

Laurent Garnier (F-Com)

i love the A side as well as B1 Full support from me

Manuel Tur (Freerange)

Wie geil ist bitte Funkworm??? Super, dass endlich mal wieder jemand nicht mit Funk spart und das ganze auch noch in nen zeitgemäßen Soundkontext setzt Der Groove des ersten Tracks springt mich auf Anhieb jetzt am meisten an, aber "Getting Out" hat definitiv Gänsehaut-Hymnencharakter.. klares Hitpotential! wird zu 100% gespielt und gechartet... super Tunes!

Matt Star (Weave Music)

first of all great label....your releasing one floor bomb after next...and the new release is also great: I like Liberaos and Funkworm most...Funkworm is very crazy... and Liberaos is a pumping deep Track how i like it...

Motorcitysoul (STIR15)

die tracks sind sehr originell! mir gefallen die frischen sounds und die eigenständigkeit. ist auf jeden fall was für mich! muss ich noch n paar mal hören, um meinen favoriten zu finden

Pheek (Archipel)

I really appreciate this release! It's melodic, epic and beautiful. It went directly to my finalscratch and will play it for sure :)”

Prins Thomas (Full Pupp)

great ep, will definitely play all these out. "getting out" is probably my favourite though.

Stalker (Mo´s Ferry Prod.)

wow, tolle entwicklung, die euer label hinlegt. Diynamic.008 ist in meinen augen euer bisher bestes release - genau richtig für den sommer. a1 schön funky, b1 schön melodisch - super sache.

Tom Clark (highgrade)

tracks die einem irgendwie unter die haut fahren. mir gefällt b1 am besten

User Comments (2)

Resident Advisor (RA)

There are two great things about Stimming's debut 12" for Diynamic. One, it continues the label's streak of beautiful orchestrations: B-side 'Getting Out of Something' solidifies the imprint as home to tech with a symphonic bent. The track revels in the same counterpoint that made 'Feuervogel' and 'Eiszauber' a double-sided monster earlier this year.

The second? 'Funkworm' unequivocally proves that Stimming's got more than just string shtick in his arsenal. It comes on exactly in the manner it claims, with a funky earworm of a guitar riff. In any other circumstances, we'd call this thing "dirty," but Stimming's inclination is toward clean sheets and a clear conscience. As such, the riff gets surrounded by a chiming synth and a brass section relegated to one note at a time. Like the most deadly of earworms, it may take a few times to properly hit, but once it does...

Oh. There's one more track, by the way. 'Liberaos' takes a cue from Dandy Jack, giving a Spanish-accented woman room to vibe on the electric bounce in between bouts of light Latin percussion and a two note stab of melody. Listening to it in isolation would give you the impression that it's memorable enough to sit as the lead track, but here it's relegated to second shift. That's a good thing, by the way. Or, rather, a great thing. - Todd L. Burns

Eduardo Castillo

Stellar as usual. These will get heavy playtime. Thank you.