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Sven Weisemann
Slices (Remixes)
Liebe Detail Spezial

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 07-04-2008
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What we say

After the huge success of the Tobias and Sebo K versions of Efdemin’s ‘Lohn & Brot’, the next installment in the Liebe*Detail Spezial series is upon us, featuring three exclusive remixes of Sven
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After the huge success of the Tobias and Sebo K versions of Efdemin’s ‘Lohn & Brot’, the next installment in the Liebe*Detail Spezial series is upon us, featuring three exclusive remixes of Sven Weisemann’s ‘Slices’ (featured on Liebe*Detail 012). lars behrenroth remix Comfortably stretching out over 9 minutes, Hamburg local come LA émigré Lars Behrenroth delivers a classic-yet-modern remix of Weisemann’s dubbed out original, gently enveloping us in layers of warmth and a perfect hypnotic vibe. Acoustic hand claps and spacey synths filter across the spectrum whilst maintaining a summery early morning groove which sums up Liebe*Detail’s never ending love affair with the Deep rather nicely indeed. ripperton’s riding high remix One of just a handful of Swiss Producers to make his presence strongly known worldwide, Ripperton presents a subtle and restrained remix which really casts a spell. Re-playing the groove of the original track, this dub is on a more moody tip, as a haunting micro-melody surfaces to offer a positive light from which to build. Gently shaken percussion completes the magic, as Ripperton achieves a wonderful musicality in this, the most reduced cut of the package. boris hotton remix Boris Hotton, another name deservedly gaining some attention at the moment, re-interprets Sven’s track into a whole new journey. Strongly inspired by deep-house roots this is a superb combination of stirring background chords (cleverly mirroring the ‘Slices’ melody) and a groove that again captures the late night vibe that burns so bright in this release. Despite only releasing a handful of EPs previously, Boris’ sound and passion for musical storytelling is clear, and it’s found in abundance here! True to the original’s strong sonic statement, these remixes all possess the kind of depth, quality and space of sound that vinyl excels in capturing so honestly… hence what is on offer here is a beautifully understated snapshot of contemporary House culture

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DJ Comments (10)

Adultnapper (Audiomatique)

Whoa!! What a release. Doesnt get much better than this. Absolutely stunning musicality on all three tracks. Liebe Detail never disappoints!!! ”

Alland Byallo (Liebe*Detail)

Stunning rework by my good friend Lars! Charted #1 for March! Ripperton doesn't disappoint, of course. I dont think he ever has! As if Sven Weisemann's original ever needed anything else, Liebe Detail recruits two of dance music's classiest producers and a bright newcomer to deliver reworks that are fat slices of gorgeous! Nice work as always!

C Rock (Stir 15)

wicked Ripperton Remix!

Giles Smith DJ MAG (UK)

Behrenroth's mix is cool with its gradual, building groove. Ripperton's mix is nice too. minimal beats but a nice timeless feel with its sweet pads and synths.

julius steinhoff (smallville)

supertolle platte

Karotte (Cocoon/ Great Stuff)

schöner rmx von lars. was für die morgenstunden oder zu anfang. gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut und wird gespielt.

Martin Landsky (Pokerflat)

great record.....sven weisemann ist super, behrenroth mix ist mein fav, aber auch ripperton ist cool...


3 really nice remixes on one package! Hard to choose a favourite, all 3 have something special. Full support and chart from me!

Sebo K (Mobilee)

sven weisemann remixe sind alle toll aber ich denke der lars behrenroth mix macht für mich das rennen.

SLAM (Soma)

Very nice deep tracks will play this lots for sure
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