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Tech House

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Up and coming Berlin based Till Von Sein presents his first full release on Dirt Crew. With records out on Trenton, Channels, Morris Audio and his marvellous remixes on Moodmusic and for our last Tige
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Up and coming Berlin based Till Von Sein presents his first full release on Dirt Crew. With records out on Trenton, Channels, Morris Audio and his marvellous remixes on Moodmusic and for our last Tigerskin record he proved to be a new face in the Deep House scene that is bound to take over. Tillʼs productions are very melodic and gather a lot of influence from jazz to funk and disco, all this combined with a strong tech house groove makes his tracks true dancefloor burners.To give his debut an extra boost we asked his mates Catz N Dogz ( aka 3 Channels ) to deliver a BOMB of a remix ! They are currently one of the hottest acts around and recently released a great album on Mothership, not to mention their Hit remix on Boxer last year. These guys proved once more that they can do awesome remixes and their version of Ovas is nothing less but Brilliant ! it will tear the club apart !

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DJ Comments (49)


hottest shit on the planet right now, remix and originals rock ! will play and support big time. big up till !

Jeremy P.Caulfield

This is like one of those cookies with big chunky pieces of fudge in it ... !!!! :::

.---. .---.
: : o : me want cookie!
_..-: o : :-.._ /
.-'' ' `---' `---' " ``-.
.' " ' " . " . ' " `.
: '.---.,,.,...,.,.,.,..---. ' ;
`. " `. .' " .'
`. '`. .' ' .'
`. `-._ _.-' " .' .----.
`. " '"--...--"' . ' .' .' o `.
.'`-._' " . " _.-'`. : o :
jgs .' ```--.....--''' ' `:_ o :
.' " ' " " ; `.;";";";'
; ' " ' . ; .' ; ; ;
; ' ' ' " .' .-'
' " " ' " " _.-'


looking forward to play sunday madness.


i love this ep..my pick is nulla..im definitely gonna rock tis entire ep in my sets!!! thanks and congrats


I think this is the first Dirt Crew ep I have throughly enjoyed...
all the mixes are great..
Till Von Sein has got the groove.... Very strong release in my opinion...

The remix is great too! All tracks are great for the floor... xx

Me like!!!

Chris Duckenfield

Nice EP
C & D mix does the damage for sure, I'm kind of in the mood for the flipside right now though

Franck Roger

good ep .. well done once again will certainly rock one of them.. ! have to ply them in clubs !!


loveing the cats and dogz remix...thank you

Ryan Elliot

Really like all 3. Cz and Dz rmx is my fav!!

Dave Ellesmere

more great new fresh housey vibes

Laurent Garnier

yes yes yes
right down my streets *realy all the 3 tracks
will play for sure

Geoffroy Dewandeler

really dig the cats n dogz houze mix....


Feeling Till Von Sein's understated deep productions of late - this is a great package and the Catz N Dogz rounds this off nicely with a more clubfloor orientated mix.

Gianpiero Fiorin (PIAS UK)

Nice release, Cats N Dogz Remix for me

Nick Curly

remix is fantastic..really like it!

Whatpeopleplay's Peter Armster

superb and i expected nothing else. well done sektmumu

Todd Bodine

Beautiful deep tracks! Nice work.

Tom Clark

sunday madness ist was für mich. wird gleich mal am sonntag getestet.

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

killer. wish i could hear the original too

DJ Deep

Nulla is very nice and i like the "rock creek park" feel on "Sunday madness"! DOPE AND DEEP!!!


i cannot without "Ovas - Catz N Dogz Ohne FX Remix" anymore !
full support

Seth Troxler

really awesome work. cant wait to play it tonight in paris!!




Nulla is the track for me,
also Sunday Madness.

Ivan Smagghe

nicely sounds like an old NY house ep. but with a modern twist... quite like the freaked out sunday madness.


catz b dogz are rocking again.
thanx for this.

Jennifer Cardini

nice ep

Brett Johnson

Whoa! This is great release, every track is quality and playable fo r me. The Catz & Dog mix is dope.... thx. brett

Ben Watt

love the deep but fragile sound of nulla

Dan Drastic

catz n dogz rockin it.
great remix

Brothers Vibe

The EP is BOMB! All the trax are just right! Tks 4 the muzik :)

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

NULLA is real sweet!

Sebo K

very nice release! especially the catz n dogs remix!

Whatpeopleplay's Bodo

yeah till rocks - best is NULLA the 2nd one

Martin Eyerer

sunday madness


love the two originals. really warm production and nice arrangements.


I like the Ovas Rmx and Sunday madness to pumpin tracks to support..Thanks


all three! cool release!


once again top rmx from the animals!!
i also like sunday madness!


Huge Catz N Dogz version....my fave ! Sunday Madness is an early hour rocker !


interesting stuff! will play! better on vinyl;)

DJ: Terry

realy good stuff,a little more attention on SUNDAY MADNESS

Dj Jee (Technorama / Tsugi)

Another good release on Dirt Crew ! All tracks are very interresting, my fav is Nulla !
Thx for link !

Lele Sacchi (Boogiedrama)

Catz N DOgz have got the best sense on how to unite house beats to effective loopy mental hooks. Great tune

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

Erst mal Catz N Dogz mit einem Remix von "Ovas", das selber nur als digitaler Bonustrack erscheint. Stakkatovocals, wuchtiger Bass, Konzentration auf den Floor, ein brillianter Break mit Dubs und dann etwas viel Chicagotröte für meinen Geschmack, aber dennoch ein Track, der den Dancefloor mit links im Griff hat. Wer nach dem Sound von Till Von Sein sucht, ist allerdings auf den Tracks der Rückseite besser aufgehoben, denn hier ist alles so voller Melodie, Tiefe, Glück, Eleganz und smoothem Houseflair, dass man Von Sein am liebsten im Studio einsperren würde, damit er sich ganz auf seine Tracks konzentrieren kann. Zwei der schönsten, smoothesten Housetracks des Monats." Bleed.


BIG BIG BIG! just took the catz n dogz remix for my upcoming radio mixes for electronic beats + ibiza voice!

Blog - Randomcircuits.com

i like this warm tech house. catz n dogz remix is cool but for me its all about sunday madness. a well rounded ep

good stuff

Magazine - Raveline

Der Berliner produzent präsentierte sich in jüngster vergangenheit erfolgreich als neues gesicht in der Deephouse Szene. releases auf Trenton, Morris Audio und Moodmusic sprechen für sich. Für seine neue EP haben Catz N Dogz auch bekannt als 3 Channels eine wahre Bombe als Remix abgeliefert. Das Ding swingt wie Hölle, der Oberkörper hört gar nicht auf zu schaukeln und der verliert sich in ehrwürdigem Headbanging. Wahnsinn ! Eine von den Nummern, wo man es kaum erwarten kann, sie auf den Club niedergehen zu lassen. Auf der Flip findet man mit "Nulla" und "Sunday Madness" zwei entspannte Nummern, die aber genauso zu gefallen wissen. Sehr moderner Sound.
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