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Deep House


Till Von Sein
Sundowna EP
Supplement Facts

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 12-04-2010
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What we say

Guy Gerbers’ “Supplement Facts Records” is proud to present “Sundowna” by Till von Sein. When we say “Sundowna” we’re paying homage to the idea of embracing the spring & sun with o
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Guy Gerbers’ “Supplement Facts Records” is proud to present “Sundowna” by Till von Sein. When we say “Sundowna” we’re paying homage to the idea of embracing the spring & sun with open arms. The “Sundowna” EP will defrost your minds and hearts with its warmth and soul. With his first EP on Supplement Facts, we are extra pleased to welcome Till von Sein to our family of artists. The EP is filled with a solid remix pack of surprises - next up, after after the title track, we are equally excited to welcome “Joeski” to the label family with a housey retouch to “Sundowna.” And to complete the vinyl release we managed to team up with our label hero Dyed Soundorom, while he pairs up with yet another newcomer to the label, “Shonky” - bringing more of a dance floor banging retouch of the title track to the package. And finally, to round up the release is the digital only remix by heavyweight champions “Layo & Bushwacka” with a twisted-loopy-stomper - yet another ‘first’ for the Supplement Facts label releases…Enjoy!

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DJ Comments (24)


Excellent! The original for warm up, Dyed & Shonky for prime time and Layo & Bushwacka for the more twisted moments!

Tobi Neumann

Layo & Bushwacka‘s remix doesn‘t promise too much. Pretty trippy triopic! Great!!

Loco Dice

Layo & Bushwaka Yess keep it rollin.

Laurent Garnier

Dyed Soundorom and Shonky, and Joeski are the ones for me. Will play!


Dyed and Shonky remix is great. Full support.


Dyed & Shonky remix is dope.. & the Layo & Bushwacka remix sounds really cool too. Will definitely play them.


Great record! ... cant see my favourite one, everyone did a great reproduction of what it is!

Seth Troxler

Two snaps and a twist! L&B for me.

Ellen Allien

Super J beautiful / original + Shonky rmx cool.


Some serious stuff here. The original is my pick for playing out i think but Dyed and Shonky mix is bang on it too. Great stuff all round!

Kabale Und Liebe

WHOOPWHOOP!! Soundorom & Shonky hit the spot!! Great sound and great vibe! Listening to this remix makes the sun shine in my mind. Will chart and play.


Great great EP! Ive always been a huge fan of Joeski’s music, so great to see him on Supplement Facts. Dyed and Shonshon’s remix is mega too!


Great original, super Dyed & Shonky rmx and a good L&B rmx. great release. full support.

Lee Curtiss

One of my favorite labels at the moment! Amazing tracks all around!!! Joeski!!!!! Nice! Thanks!


GREAT release original and the frenchberlinteam remix are my fav here !! Hope it bring back the summer.


Shonky mix is a bomba!


One of our best releases of the catalogue!


Very nice package!

Nima Gorji

Layo & Bushwacka! mix is rockin... like also the other 2 mixes. Support.

Michel de hey

Excellent remix from DS+Shonky! Joeski very atmosferic as well.

Satoshi Tomiie

Nice package, great variations.

Hernan Cattaneo

Excellent L&B and Dyed & Shonky my fav mixes!

Tania Vulcano

Dyed remix rocks, will play it..

Bushwacka! Sundown mix is great.
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