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Tech House


Expense Of Spirit
Macro Recordings

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 27-03-2008
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What we say

In 2007 Macro gained massive recognition with the groundbreaking “Lunatic Fringe” EP. The label’s 2008 follow up is as innovative - introducing the first external artist signing of the label - T
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In 2007 Macro gained massive recognition with the groundbreaking “Lunatic Fringe” EP. The label’s 2008 follow up is as innovative - introducing the first external artist signing of the label - Tuomi, as well as Stefan Goldmann’s 1st ever production for a band! Tuomi is a trio of voice, piano and double bass, lead by singer Kristiina Tuomi. Touring the globe from Europe to Bahrain to South Korea, Tuomi perform a unique blend of superb songwriting and acoustic chamber composition. For their Macro debut, the trio is joined by live strings and an array of electronics, synths and drum machines, taking their signature concept to the dancefloor in full effect. The result is stunningly adventurous house music. The title track “Expense of Spirit” comes with a mind blowing bass line, acting as a catchy counterpoint to the deep acoustic chords and strings. The B side also holds a minimalistic dub version. “Mourning Eyes” and “Expense Miniature” reach far beyond the dancefloor, being another prime example of Macro’s experimental direction. A pioneering four track EP showcasing what should be possible at the junction of acoustic and electronic music today. Tuomi are: Kristiina Tuomi - voice Carsten Daerr - piano Carlos Bica - double bass featuring: Margherita Biederbick - violin Hannah Klein - viola Stefan Goldmann - synth bass, drum machines, processing

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DJ Comments (10)

Alex Attias (Planet E)

I’m into “Expense” big time. Lovely deep and original track. I will most definitely play this in my sets and on my show. Great sweet vibe. I like the vocal, the sounds and the production. Top! Support for sure!

Debug (GER)

Tuomi ist das erste externe Signing auf Macro Recordings und auch gleich eine große Überraschung, ein Zeichen, dass sich hier ein Label aufstellt, bei dem wirklich alles möglich sein wird. Denn genau wie geplante Veröffentlichungen von Stefan Goldmann, der auch die Zügel des Labels mit in der Hand hat, die nichts mit gerader Bassdrum zu tun haben werden, ist auch der Ausgangspunkt von Tuomi alles andere als Dancefloor. Das Trio (Vocals, Piano, Double Bass) verschmilzt fast schon jazziges Songwriting mit elektronischer Post-Produktion und ist dabei so herrlich unprätentiös und natürlich, dass man sich das gar nicht anders vorstellen kann. Lamb? Können einpacken. Und erst in den klassischen Dancefloor-Versionen schimmert die wirkliche Kompatibilität durch. Gut, dass es diese gibt, ich finde die andere Ecke aber fast noch spannender. (Thaddi)

DJ Gio MC-505

Tuomi is the result of combination between acoustic and electronic moods. Really nice concept! My pickup fly on "Expense Of Spirit" where I've found the progressive touch in the bassline. This is a simply adventurous trip into modern music without any cliches and constrictions. Total free with 100% of creativity: I love it firstly for this reason.

James Holden Border Community

Mourning Eyes is great! Thanks for that!

Jimpster (Freerange)

Whooaa! This dub mix is stunning! Beautiful stuff, and on a totally refreshing tip. Will deffo be trying to fit this little nuggat in!

Laurent Garnier (F-Com)

Realy intresting ep Will play on the radio different and exciting

Philip Sherburne (XLR8R, The Wire)

This is an absolutely brilliant record, an early highlight of 2008 and definitely going in my february top 10. The voice is simply gorgeous, beyond lush - and for that very reason I like the odd sort of thinness of the sound palette even more. It sets up a really interesting contrast between spindly, digital tones and the warmth of the voice and harmonies. A triumph. As ever, I'm thrilled to see Macro continuing with "ambient," beatless tracks. They're a joy for the DJ and for the listener both

Raresh (Cocoon, Ar:pi:ar)

Thanks for this wonderful piece of music!

Rick Wade (Harmonie Park Detroit)

I'm diggin' that Expense of Spirit. Very nice! The vocals on Mourning Eyes are outstanding! You should lace me with those vocals so I can do a Deeper-Than-Deep remix. Real Right!

Sebo K (Mobilee)

Another great macro release. support.
Nice one! Wird gespielt!
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