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Nu Disco/Disco


Various Artists
Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 1
Eskimo Recordings

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 06-10-2008
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Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol.1 features 13 exclusive and unreleased tracks mixed together by Skinny Joey. The emphasis here is on nurturing and developing talented artists from all over the world and giv
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Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol.1 features 13 exclusive and unreleased tracks mixed together by Skinny Joey. The emphasis here is on nurturing and developing talented artists from all over the world and giving them a platform to shine. As you have come to expect the production quality is impeccable, matched only by the track’s beauty and invention as Eskimo traverses the worlds of disco, house, funk, italo, electro and beyond through its global army of collaborators and artists. And after hearing this you’ll be wondering why Stratus, Rubber Room, Ichisan and Lovelock aren’t household names already! So let’s introduce the artists on this trans-global intergalactic funk odyssey: starting with Stratus’s discofied, cowbell ringin’ ‘Footprints’ we find Mat Anthony and Martin Jenkins at the helm. A duo whose epic debut single 'Uplink' announced their arrival in the early Noughties who have since gone on to become respected producers and remixers who have re-worked the music of Serge Gainsbourg, Kylie, Playgroup and Calexico amongst others, whilst releasing the debut album 'Fear of Magnetism' in 2005 to critical acclaim. We then hook up with ‘80’s Boy’ Phoreski, aka London based Neil Dunn who also runs his own Fat Fuk Records whilst having his disco-cake and eating it as Richard Gateaux. Coyote then get in on the action as veteran DJs Timm Sure and Ampo, who both started out in Nottingham in ’88 playing at legendary nights such as Venus, Deluxe, Stealth, The Bomb, Sabresonic and the Drum Club between them, decide to grow their hair and Maelstrom runs his own Solar Disco label which was recently remixed by Reverso 68 man Pete Herbert and his exclusive track ‘Petrichor’ maintains his unique cosmic disco vision. Homerun sees the guitar playing, electronic producer Laurent Grauwels pick up from his releases on Freerange and Turbo with his eighties roots on ‘The Killer Storm’ and the Venice based Bottin's sound is a blend of seventies disco, early eighties electro, Italian Giallo movie atmospheres and can roughly be defined as "horror disco" as this contemporary sound design artist hits the groove with ‘Fondamente Nove’. Rubber Room (aka ‘Disco Devil’ label runners Skinny Joey and Ferre) deliver one of the standout tracks on the compilation with the superb italo infected ‘Cockroach’ and Massimiliano Pagliara continues the strong italo influence as this now Berlin based DJ and producer can also be found collaborating with the likes of Snax, Steve Lemercier and Daniel Wang whilst spending ten hours a day playing with his collection of analogue synths and drum machines. Which is of course the law under the Cosmic Balearic Beats Declaration of Disco, 1977. Spektrum are one of the more known names popping up on this exclusive compilation and here we see DJ Cosmo get to grips with the gorgeous vocal refrain of ‘Fit Together’ and then we have Lullabies in the Dark getting their lips around an ice cold , staccato funk-filled ‘Estrella’ whilst Igor Skafar aka Ichisan gets his retro-futuristic-space-funk together on the sublime ‘Radar Pulse is Sent’. We then round things off in fine style as the fast rising duo of Sasha Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor aka In Flagranti follow up their debut ‘Wronger Than Anyone Else’ album with the rolling disco-funk of ‘Personal Angst’ and we call it a wrap with the stunning slo-mo, chord laden funk of Lovelock’s ‘Don’t Turn Away (from My Love)’.

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