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Tech House


Various Artists
Diary No.1
Upon You

Album Compilation CD
Out: 27-09-2010
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What we say

In just a few years’ time, Berlin’s Upon You has established itself as a leading figure in European club culture, not just as a label for its 35+ well received 12” EPs, but also for its curated
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In just a few years’ time, Berlin’s Upon You has established itself as a leading figure in European club culture, not just as a label for its 35+ well received 12” EPs, but also for its curated nights at world-renowned spots like Berghain, Watergate and Arena Club. With their combined experience of producing, DJing and promoting, company founders Marco Resmann, Marcus Meinhardt and Hawks Grunert have formed a powerhouse whose momentum shows no signs of slowing down. In spite of (and perhaps because of) its unpigeonholeable stylistic approach, Upon You has become a respected source for all DJs and clubbers in search of forward-thinking sounds, and now with its first full-length compilation, the label offers a succinct overview for both followers and newcomers.Upon You Diary No. 1 has been compiled by Marco Resmann (half of LunaCity Express) and is split into two parts: the first features 13 new, Exclusive tracks from the label’s roster including The Cheapers, Re-UP, ONNO and Mathias Mesteño. The second part, showcasing Resmann’s dynamic DJ ability, is meticulously stitched together using elements of 25 tracks from Upon You’s back catalog, including contributions by Holger Zilske, Catz ‘nDogz, Mathias Kaden, Luna City Express and many other respected names. On the surface, the artists on Diary No. 1 clearly follow the tradition of techno and house music, but it’s clear that many of them use these forms as merely a starting point for further auditory exploration. From tropical acid and tribal grooves to somber dub and hypnotic minimal, it’s clear that Upon You doesn’t hold any purist attitudes, and in fact, cross-pollination is encouraged: check Channel X’s be-bop hoedown “Rodeo” and the laid-back blue-eyed funk of “Together” by Marek Hemmann. Diary serves as both an up-to-date survey of Upon You in 2010 as well as a reflection on its origins, with the knowledge that there are many blank pages to be filled out as we push forward into the future of dance music. The compilation is available as an elegantly packaged 2xCD set and as a digital download. Upon You will support this release with a tour in autumn 2010.

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DJ Comments (70)

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Great Package !!!
Really good Album Compilation where all tracks are very good : fantastic selection.
I will play & promote them for sure.

Laurent Garnier

sweet sexy deepnesssss
Wil play

Someone Else

really nice comp. really liking marso and re-up.


nice stuff here! Well rounded project..


great compilation! nice to see the different face of some of the peeps on the label... Marco's and Re-up's efforts are the standouts for me here... oh, and Elephant parade ain't shabby either :-)


top compilations. will play it in my radioshow one or two tracks. or three tracks.:)

Martin Eyerer

theres a lot of good tracks here. Will use some of them.

Todd Bodine

Great compilation!!! I will play many tracks for sure. Best one for me here is "This Song feat Soucie Six" from Marco. Nice one.

DJ Sneak

rodeo, and few other s are good.

Mathias Mesteno

ACE! Full support!

Claude VonStroke

Downloading for Claude VonStroke, feedback coming later.

Davide Squillace

Downloading for Davide ... Thks !

Markus Kavka

donnerwetter, da sind sie ja alle drauf, meine lieblingsacts. wahnsinns-compilation, die deutlich macht, auf welch hohem niveau dieses label operiert. no fillers, all killers!


Downloaded! Thanx.



Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

würde ich gerne ende august machen

Gregor Tresher

Echonomist, Marco Resmann, Gunnar Stiller and Re-Up Tracks are all great, will play a lot!

Tom Clark

a lot of nice tunes . will play them for shure !


wow so many good tracks! full support!!!

Bloody Mary

nice compil!


great compilation. i don´t know now wich one from all of these i´m playin. but what i hear sound great. full support!


excellent compilation!

Brothers Vibe

ALL good - great compilation of tracks/talent!

Luca Bacchetti

Marek Hemmann track is my fav!


congratulations! great package with many, many highlights! actually, too many to mention!

Dapayk & Padberg

great toolbox! ;) Deep'a & Biri's, Marco Resmann's and Marcus Meinhardt's are my favorites after the first listening session...


super cool compilation! thanks a lot! :)

Jesse Rose

Download for Jesse Rose

Martin Landsky

great compilation..i like almost every single track hre..good work...



Sebastian Wilck

hab diary schon als cd. tracks von marco, deepa und channel x sind meine favs. thx

Joris Voorn

really like the Marco resman track, very sweet melodies!!

Sierra Sam

great bundle
thanks a lot


Florian Meindl

yeah! I really like "over mountains", "rodeo", "oberheim" and "analogia"

Mihalis Safras

gunnar und echonomist fur uns! 10/10

JC Freaks

5/5 quality compilation. Hard to choose a favorite. Thanks

Oliver Klein

very good package!! don't know how many track i will play!!

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

stelle ich einige stücke davon vor


This Song feat Soucie Six
Marco Resmann is the man !

Gunnar Stiller

mega compilation!!! einen dank an marco :)


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Mihai Popoviciu

cool and fresh sound! a lot of good tracks on this compilation!

Dirty Doering

full support alll tracks!!!
big combi!!!


i like very much :echonomist- over mountains
excellent one!

Anthony Collins

nice comp

Martin Eyerer

too much good stuff to chose here. I need some time to check


nice compi!


only marco resmann's track is for me, sorry


WoW what a great diary :-) im shure i will play many of this tracks! one of my favorits is this song feat soucie six!! big

Benno Blome

great package!

Mutlu (Bar25)

Great atmospheric tracks. Love it.

Richie Hawtin

downloaded for r hawtin

Electric Indigo

not my style, really. but together is nice.


great VA, so many good tracks! thanks!

DJ Emerson

acumen, gunnar stiller & marco & marek tracks for me thanks. strong compilation


really like "together" by marek hemman!

Axel Bartsch

awesome collection of todays high quality house/techno sound.
tracks 1,3+4 are standing out for me so far.


to much music to decide for the right one so i take disco! very good!!

Daniel Mehlhart

das sind mal ne menge solider dinger drauf,
jawollja !


big big. full support and long life Upon you..

Laurent Garnier

Great colection of tracks
Will present on the radio


Hi guys, I love this compilation. Already played a few tracks out...worked out amazingly :-) And....big sound by the way ;-))

Alex Flitsch

very good compilation!

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

Heaps of good stuff on this one. Favorites so far: Sid, Marco Resmann and Acumen. Will listen more carefully when downloaded and surely play lots.

Brothers Vibe

MASSIVE!! Killer worx here - Tks!

Chris Duckenfield

Actually pretty solid selection, worth it for the Echonomist cut alone

Ivan Smagghe

in a style that is not mine, the best label. will check


super good compilation! thanks!

Co.mini - GS/Hive Club -Zurich

no words :-)

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Solid TechHouse.
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