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Tech House


Various Artists
Family Values

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 23-08-2010
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It's the season for grilling, afternoon beers in the park, and the family reunion. What better way to spend a Sunday then getting into a fight with your drunk uncle over hot dogs and questionable shor
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It's the season for grilling, afternoon beers in the park, and the family reunion. What better way to spend a Sunday then getting into a fight with your drunk uncle over hot dogs and questionable shorts socked footwear combinations? It's also the season for Vakant the label, the mythos, the family to reunite and drop the blazing ‘Family Values’ compilation for your late summer revelry. The unmixed compilation starts off with our distant Argentinean cousin Nico Purman. His ‘Xpress Yourself’ lands somewhere between Rick James and Francois K. Second is bro wonder Tolga Fidan who continues to impress with his ‘Linnz’ contribution. Not one to leave all the fun to the kids, Godfather Alex Smoke (VA001) gives his army of robots free rein and out the other end comes ‘I-73 Nightʼ, freaky yet reassuring like advanced techno should be. Rounding out the first half is our other prodigy DeWalta whose favorite pastime happens to be breaking subwoofers. His deep yet bouncing ʻStringer Bellʼ is sure to result in a run on replacement woofer cones. The wise and the freaky family elder Robag Wruhme (VA002) bestows upon us ʻKuttenrolch 1996ʼ, a light and airy electro tinged piece produced solely on a Korg Trinity in 1996 while sounding just as fresh as if produced yesterday. Next up is visiting uncle by way of marriage Anthony Collins who imparts ʻBoys Sometimes Cryʼ showing his depth, musicality, and maturity. Then everyoneʼs brother Mathias Kaden presents us with a 2010 edit of his own first ever solo release, ʻCircle Pitʼ (VA004) which is as sick as the original was in 2005. Finally comes our Bavarian son Dario Zenker who puts a big red ribbon on the ʻFamily Valuesʼ package with perhaps his slickest, sexiest, and expansive track to date with ʻApollo 910ʼ. So enjoy the Vakant familyʼs tech house fruits, partake in its freaky family love, but please try not to get burned.

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DJ Comments (27)


nice package!

Ellen Allien

very nice tracks ..will play


lovely compilation


Full support!

Funk D'Void

impressive selection

Tolga Fidan

this compilation is a statement for me...at least for our past present and future as vakant...all the tracks are outstanding...nicos track is a must for me and david's is truly moving...but the highlights are robag and smokey...and specially smokey..what a track...it gives me shivers whenever i listen to it...its a reminder of how dance music should have been if it hadnt gone generic...its punk...dance music was a counter act punk resistance for a whole generation and still is..but somewhere along the way we got lost...we lost the ''punk'' thing...that track reminded of that...i was almost lost too. rave on.

André Galluzzi


Phil Kieran

 ohhh why thankyou !!! nice present , well recieved , cant picka fav all sounds great , want t check proper in my own time

Matthias Tanzmann

Nico Purman; Dario Zenker and Mathias Kaden doit for me. Thank you!

Exercise One

All kids on board ! Love it !!!

Kabale Und Liebe

wow great collection! diggin' all tracks. Favs are Kaden, Collins and Zenker.

Jeremy P Caulfield

Yo all tracks are really super ! a differant sound for all artists ! i dig it ..

Adam Marshall

digital sub funk on Alex's i-73 cut.... dope. dewalta track is deep and tight, as usual...will play

Anthony Collins

fantastic comp


great compi. kaden's track is my pick.


Great package here!!!


all tracks are really good, hard to pick favorites but alex smoke and robag's tracks are def. touching me extra.

Ahmet Sisman

one of the best VA EPs i have heard for a longtime!!! hard to pick a favorite one, nice track selection!!! thx a lot!!! gonna play them for sure!!!


nice package! tolga and dario tracks are my winners here


Thanks for all the good music. All the tracks are great and the whole thing is an awesome statement of the vakant family.

Jorge Savoretti

loving this release... super futuristic music

Mark Henning

great package - favrouites are dario's, alex'sand nico's tracks :)

Alland Byallo

Wow Tolga's track is just pain incredible! Dario's submission is definitely a favorite as well. All around a huge release. I love Vakant!

Franco Cinelli

Wow!, really cool Compilation !!, BIGs Purman,Zenker and Kaden :), Thanks !!

Sierra Sam

yet another amazing release from one of my favourite labels . Thanks Alex and thanks all the artists

Simon Beeston

Nice one family!! Quite the beautiful collection of show stoppers and deeper groovers for all the cousins to fall in love with their uncles.


Going through a barrage of promo bongo CRAP! and something to light my ears up at last. Nico Purman - Xpress yourself standing out for me. thanks.
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