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Tech House


Various Artists
Compute Music

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 17-08-2015
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What we say

our first release and introduction contains 4 artists all combining the same element in there music somehow ; the dub ." inc. on a binge "a producer duo from Berlin are coming up with there first re
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our first release and introduction contains 4 artists all combining the same element in there music somehow ; the dub ." inc. on a binge "a producer duo from Berlin are coming up with there first release in showbiz ; Cyberchrist a minimal powerful dub track based on a big 808 rhythm underlined with beautiful dubs and smart effects . On top Dirty Paul´s dusty sounding voice and uplifting chords swinging clever in call and response . Uju contribution "Res off " is a truncate like dark tune with a broken beat and overwhelming chord plays .Uju follows the steps of his father Ricardo Ferreira who is know for releases on labels like Tonkind or Golden Gate Records . Pipo Vitch ´s track for compute has the perfect title and captures all the blissful allusions of its name , a warm house sounding track with an "afro beat like" bass line and outstanding keys and stringlike elements sharing the stage with the ocean "Off to the beach" . just in time for the summer to come ! At last but not least Didier dlb had the pleasure to complete the Compute Music 001 release with his typical approach to music ; a solid analog groove combined with good portion of weirdness & humor . "Daisy " bribes with a driving bass line just at the grind of coolness and stupidity . Weird fm chords filling the frequency spectrum .They transform to a soothing melody that wants to take u to wonderland ..

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DJ Comments (46)

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

nicely done....

Angel Molina

not into this, but thanks.

Paul Loraine

Cyberchrist for me

Marquez Ill

Cyberchrist is cool. Love it!

Alexander Filimonov/KissFM Ukraine

Great package guys!

Werner Niedermeier

Inc on a binge is brilliant

Junge Junge

Nice E.P.

Rich Pinder

not for me this time guys thank you

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

dynamic compilation - fave is the dense groove and pulsating vibe of UJU

Vincent Lemieux

Pipo Vitch is the shit. By far my favorite. will play for sure, in a club, at home and to my grand mother. Thanks for the promo.

Men In Trees

sounds good. will play it

Axel Bartsch

cyberchrist is kicking

chris f

great deepness


Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!!

Jonny Cruz

great release.


go pipo!!!!

Radio - Calin aka Catastrophic [Tunnel FM - Sweden]

Dope package guys, Cyberchrist track we had already supported last week on our radio show :)

Here go the link: https://soundcloud.com/marcelomendezofficial/marcelo-mendez-deep-deeper-230-2015

Thank you


Cyberchrist for me, thanks

Claudio Coccoluto

Off To The Beach


cool stuff.


Wow, what a debut!!! Superb release. Tough to pick a fave, but Cyberchrist is just amazing! Will play all.


daisy is my fav, thanx!

Tim Green

great release, great set of tracks!! will be playing a lot of these!

Richie Hawtin

downloaded for r hawtin

Radio - AMDJS (St.Petersburg)


Acid Pauli


F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

Daisy sounds great


nice, thanks, SLOK www.slok.it

Magazine - OurHouse // Dean Facer

Som beautiful tracks indeed !

Paco Buggin

Off To The Beach
Pipo Vitch

u drive me crazy ! didi

Marcus Vector

big love from the beach
belle compil

Steve Lawler

Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks.

Ruede Hagelstein

Cyberchrist! thx

Sophie Nixdorf

Downloaded for Sophie Nixdorf, thanks.

Animal Trainer

Off To The Beach sounds great...

Noah Pred

Nice package, thanks.

Jp Chronic

really nice ep, will play thanks

Daniel Mehlhart

Beautiful! Great VA!

Radio - Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio Show

Solid ep. Love Uju and Didier dlb tracks,

Patrick Zigon

awesome ep. like all tracks!

DJ Toby Deschamps



Loveley Sounds!*

George P.

guys, a good start. cool release

John Stuart

dubby deepness love!

Stacey Pullen

cool thanks
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