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Various Artists
Scouting, Vol. 2
Loose Records

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 01-06-2015
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Loose Records' new mini-album "Scouting Vol. 2" promises to be yet another showcase of today's best up-and-coming electronic music artists from around the world. Management and A&R put the label to wo
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Loose Records' new mini-album "Scouting Vol. 2" promises to be yet another showcase of today's best up-and-coming electronic music artists from around the world. Management and A&R put the label to work in every possible way to show just how diverse and exciting the global scene is, and this new project accomplishes their goal masterfully. By sharing the best demo tracks Loose has received from artists Bastet, Drunken Kong, Fhazee, Lerio Corrado, and Luke Kosmas, listeners are treated to the new highpoints that this genre has to offer the world. Sharing success only helps the scene, and both Loose Records and each of these artists are sure to see even more of it in the future. 1 Bastet - "Blow Out" pops from the beginning to seize our attention with a fresh and deeply danceable rhythm that just begs to be moved to. The balance between high-energy pacing and low octaves is executed expertly here, all of which is accompanied with even more ethereal effects that open a world of invention. For all of the places this songs goes, we never lose the high-energy levels that make this a track that is sure to repeated many times over. 2 Drunken Kong - "Never Done That" tribal drumbeats make for a snapping pace one this track, growing a base that is conjured into higher and higher places by some beautiful female vocal work. The angelic presence brought on by these vocals elevates the instrumental into some fascinating territory, complete with warbling samples that channel a haunting tome. Never one to settle, the tempo is kicked up into danceable pulse, bringing something great for every type of listener. 3 Fhazee - "Push It" thrumming jungle-inspired beat rush out of the gate on this track, playing a welcome presence for the entirety of the track. The groundwork is interspersed with a rising tide of effects that are difficult to nail down, but mark excellent forays into bizarre end exciting territory. Rubber-sounding snaps, bouncing objects, and crackling echoes earn the title here as new boundaries are found and left far behind. 4 Lerio Corrado - "Baikal" the relaxed feel of this track is only bolstered by chilled-out background vocals, partnering well with rattling effects above uptempo high hats. The easy-going beats shouldn't fool anyone, though, as the cool vibes on this track interplay with some fascinating effects. Every level works together masterfully here, enveloping listeners with the best cool vibes can ask for. 5 Luke Kosmas - "Piston Stroke" this song sets a smoothly upbeat standard from the beginning, then climbs into some sci-fi effects that are pure pleasure to hear. The dreamy flow of the track eases over the listener before a double-time drumbeat surprises us above ambient wash effects. It is always rewarding for a track to venture so far from its intro and yet still maintain its spirit. The aim remains true for the duration of the song, making this a crowd pleaser for sure. 6 Luke Kosmas - "Under My Feet" - This song opens up immediately to surround the listener with sounds like the walls of an enormous heart. The beat thuds through chambers that then get pushed up with a high hat drumbeat that builds and keeps building wonderfully. The pacing then proceeds to explore the floor again, right before a lighter channeling of tinny drums precedes a new wash of sound. One wishes that more songs could have this kind of dual experimentation and energy, doubling up both to probe areas that resound with authority and a dedication to getting bodies moving.

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