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Sven Väth is a DJ. The turntables are his medium of choice. But his fans and followers rather perceive him as some kind of a magician, a spirit, a shaman. Although Väth's work tr
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Sven Väth is a DJ. The turntables are his medium of choice. But his fans and followers rather perceive him as some kind of a magician, a spirit, a shaman. Although Väth's work transcends into performance art, architecture and design, his preferred way of communication is music. Techno and House are his inborn language, his most immediate way of expression. Like few other musicians, Väth manages to push his music beyond the limitations of certain musical styles. He opens up towards his crowd in a deep and profound way: Mysteriously, Väth builds an incredible connection with everybody in the room. The past season was a very special one for Cocoon. Väth has just won the Ibiza DJ Award as best DJ and the award for the best set of the summer for a faboulous back2back set with Luciano. Sven and his collaborators celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Cocoon Parties at Club Amnesia in Ibiza. During these ten years him and his dedicated crew made the Cocoon Nights one of the most beloved electronic events on the island. People from all over word visited the place to celebrate the most exciting musicians of today. A Cocoon season is not completed without the concluding Mix-Album, on which Väth merges all facets of the club sound of today into a double CD. With the tenth volume of the Season-Series, he finalizes the first decade of Cocoon's activities on this very special place. Väth always emphasized the island's unique atmosphere in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza can be quite dark at times, is a frequently repeated comment of his. You might climb the highest mountains or travel to most remote beaches, but this might not be it. The Cocoon parties' ecstasy turns them into some sort of modern man's pilgrimage. Väth invents Ibiza as a place where one discovers the delights of electronic music. Väth's journey into music enables to open up emotionally, to our deeper self. Ibiza is the place to leave everyday life behind turning into another form of reality: beauty and madness created by the reality of electronic music. The Sound of the Season-Series is the most enduring series of Mix-CDs of a single artist. It tells the story of the second decade of Techno and House in ten chapters. The tenth season might be Väth's most surprising mix so far. Not only summing up the highlight of 2009's clublife but also an outlook of what will happen in 2010 - and maybe in the whole new decade. The hitmakers of the zero years are hardly present on this album. In his visionary mode of thinking, Väth introduces a whole new generation of artists, who might accompany him through the second decade of Cocoon in Ibiza. Musicians like Alejandro Mosso from Argentina, Marc Marzenit from Spain or Ilario Alicante from Italy form an international network of talented young artists who have left the formative distinction between Techno and House behind. Some of Väth's Season-Mixes are divided into a night and a day chapter. The new night-mix might be the most subtle and quiet one in the series. Väth does not compete with the new house lovers, rather seduces them with tender grooves and charming sounds. As one of the very few DJs, Väth manages to cover all shades of electronic music: he fuses subtle electronic sounds with epic breaks, tribal chants with futuristic beats. “The Sound of the Tenth Season” captures moments of beauty and madness, of elegance and intensity. And it reaches beyond the musical level: A DVD will be also part of the pack. It documents the second Cocoon that Väth created in the unique place. It contains a 45-minute-long live-mix of the master, a series of interviews containing Sven himself, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice and Johannes Goller, promoter of Cocoon Ibiza, as well as a cut of Underwold's live performance and several “Making-of” trailers.   

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