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Tech House


Various Artists
secret weapons ep

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 26-02-2007
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Last year during their DJ sets Kristian & Frank from Âme and Dixon often unveilled their secret weapons. Tracks that caused a lot of attention, athmospere and, of course, positive feedback from c
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Last year during their DJ sets Kristian & Frank from Âme and Dixon often unveilled their secret weapons. Tracks that caused a lot of attention, athmospere and, of course, positive feedback from crowds all over this planet. So the idea was born to release these tracks on an EP."Ghetto" is produced by Kingpin Cartel aka Chris Baker & Mark Broom, who is a partner in crime of acid house legend Baby Ford. "Ghetto" sounds very much like the legendary Happy Records label (the former house label of UR). It is an oldschool Detroit House anthem Kristian discovered at a gig with Fabrice Lig in Belgium. Since then it has become a big hit in all the sets of Âme and Dixon. The response of the crowd was so good, that we at Innervisions think this will be one of the anthems of this year. Second up is "Zagora (the Tifawt Dance)" from french producer team AJI (Amnaye & Tony L), Both are close colleagues of Franck Rogers and his Realtone label from Paris. It's a mythic electronic Afro-House track. Mark August sent his killer neo Detroit Techno track "Warm" to Frank via myspace. It ranges somewhere between Galaxy 2 Galaxy (UR) and current minimal techno. For months people have been asking what it is. Ame did a new mix down of "Warm". At a gig in Cork, one of Europes House epicentres, Shane from Fish Go Deep played "ESL" on CD. Kristian grabbed a copy of this oldschool house track in reminiscence of the Murk Boys.

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DJ Comments (6)

Sven Dohse

fish go deep von esl : einfach herrlich

Groove Magazin (GER)

Während die Fans Berlins kultiviertester Houseschmiede ungeduldig auf neue Maxis ihrer Helden Âme und Marcus Worgull warten, serviert Innervisions einen Zwischengang. Die „Secret Weapons“ sind vier Stücke, die über die letzten Monate verteilt, allesamt zu Standards in den DJ-Sets von Dixon wurden. Da gibt es solch weithin übersehene Juwelen wie Kingpin Cartels funkigen Neo-Detroit-Stunt „Ghetto“ oder den Edel-Trance von Mark August. Unveröffentlichtes von AJI, bedient die New Yorker Milleniumschule und Fish Go Deeps sprühendes „ESL“ bekommt hier die Aufmerksamkeit, die es verdient. Der Grundtenor ist natürlich immer House und kondensiert vier Maxis in einer.


Åme und Dixon zaubern hier ihre Geheimwaffen des letzten Jahres aus dem Hut und alle vier Tracks schwelgen perfekt in euphorisierendem Pathos, eleganter Deepness und unaufdringlichem Geschichtsbewusstsein. Pure-Plastic-Haudegen Marc Broom und Partner Chris Baker zeigen sich von ihrer sonnigsten Seite und fahren eine von überschwenglichen Strings getragene und von einer disociden Bassline grundierte House-Hymne auf, die jedem Detroit-Liebhaber Glückstränen in die Augen treiben dürfte. Die beiden Franzosen Amnaye und Tony L stoßen dann die Tür zu einem dezent Afro-infizierten, hypnotischen House-Universum auf, während "Warm" von Mark August eine weitere, leicht trancige Verbeugung vor den Techno-Gründervätern aus Motorcity darstellt, die keine Vergleiche zu scheuen braucht. Zu guter letzt lassen Fish Go Deep noch einmal klassischen Deep House auferstehen. Groß!

Dj Mag ( UK)

For their 10th release Innervisions release some of their secret weapons from their dj sets. "Ghetto" sounding like a UR release is all Detroit strings, 808's, and a killer live sounding bassline which all push this into anthem territory. "Zagora" is slightly pitched down electronic, tribal hybrid with great congas, swishy pads and ethnic inspired vocal chants. "Warm" by Mark August is also striking in its marrying of more modern reduced sounds with hypnotic detroitey synths. Last up the wonderful old school more New york vibe of "ESL", coming on like John Ciafone or even a more electronic MAW. Excellent release.

Michael Ruetten


Philip Sherburne

A mixed bag: A1 -- Way synthier and Detroity than I'm into as a DJ, but as a dancer I can totally imagine getting lost in this. A2 -- Afro-schaffel? Who knew such a thing existed?! Genius. B1 -- This is my personal "secret weapon" of the bunch. It's such a subtle tune at first, but that portamento lead totally gets under your skin (in the best way), while the high-necked bass line and million-part mid-range harmonies weave themselves into a trampoline surface and bounce you sky-high. Delightful. [This cut gets scored an 8.] B2 -- Solid, functional, groovy, moody. I'll play this, probably more than I think.
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