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Carl Craig “Amazing Record!” Zombie-Zombie has just joined the Versatile crew. And It’s a crazy band !With the drummer Cosmic Neman (also a member of the french act Herman Dune) and Etienne Jaum
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Carl Craig “Amazing Record!” Zombie-Zombie has just joined the Versatile crew. And It’s a crazy band !With the drummer Cosmic Neman (also a member of the french act Herman Dune) and Etienne Jaumet (Keyboards and analog effects), Zombie-Zombie assumes its Kraut influence and its taste for analogical instruments (theremin, space echo…) & for 70’s horror movie soundtrack and italian Giallos. When you see them live, bands like Can, Silver Apples, Suicide and the Goblin are obvious inspirations for them .And it’s after such a live show that Gilbert, the Versatile boss, decided to sign them.Hard to resist to Zombie-Zombie on stage : a drummer w ho alternates betw een Motorik rhythms and furious improvisation, screams to aw ake the dead, keyboard hummings, psychedelic spirit, possessed musicians and crow d in trance… the released energy is devastating, irresistible & contagious !Here’s their first 12″ on Versatile called “Driving This Road Until Death Set You Free EP".It w ould be w rong to reduce them to a “Neu Kraut” revival. Zombie-Zombie shows us what is Dance Music when it’s played by a live band ! “Driving This Road…” is built like a Techno track w ith its progression, a martial drum, its hypnotic keyboards and the screams of a possessed Cosmic Neman.Joakim is in charge of the remix. He makes us regret that Claudio Simonetti (Goblin keyboard and also producer of several Italo Disco bands) has never produced ESG !A remix that Joakim describes himself as “KC Flight hunt down by living deads” !

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DJ Comments (14)

Alex Attias(Visions Inc/Still Music)

“ I'm lovin this track but particurly the Joakim version. in my box and on the radioshow 4 sure. full support form me as usual . ”

AME (Innervisions)

“ the Joakim Remix is weird! ”

Carl Craig (Planet E)

“ Amazing ! ”

Craig Morrison (Silicone Soul)

“ Lovin’ both mixes – right up my street, played the Joakim mix last week in Chile – great reaction, full support! ”

DJ Chloe (Kill the DJ Rec)

“ I really like the original Zombie-Zombie track, great vibe, hypnotic, dubby, rock, etc... I love it !! ”

DJ Morpheus (SSR Rec)

“ Excellent zombie original & the sublime joakim remix (this guy is on the roll...) love it ! ”

Guillaume Sorge(D.I.R.T.Y)

“ Zombie-Zombie track is really promising and the Joakim remix is a "sure shot " in my dance floor killers box ! ”

IDJ Mag (UK)

“ There seems to be a lot of European noo wave knocking about this month, which I can only assume is a precautionary reaction to all that Ibiza-flavoured shite being peddled at this time of year. I like that way of thinking. This is another oddball discoid one, all hypnotic layered synths, tense instrumentalism and a stark, strobe lit groove which gets ever more menacing as it spins and spins like a whirlitzer ride after a dose of brown acid. Perfect tackle for Joakim to get his remix mitts on then, which he does brilliantly on his DFA-meets-Loose Joints edit. ***[3 STARS] (Jason Riley) ”

Jerome Derradji (Still Music)

“ cool record ! ”

Justin Carter(APT NY)

“ The Zombie Zombie original track fits the name well. It's scary...I like the sounds. The Joakim mix has some nice touches--the use of the music box is nice, and I like how he bends the pitches of the synth every now and then. Makes the track feel alive. The break with the little screams and the drums that come out of it are really great. ”

Krikor (Omerta Registrazione)

“ Ahhh I'm a Zombie-Zombie fan, the track is great, remix is also cool, but I prefer the original version. i'm ready to be a zombie now... ”

Luke Solomon (Music For Freaks)

“ the joakim mix is hot. love it. ”

Nacho Marco(Freerange Records)

“ I like the release a lot, specially the Joakim mix, will play for sure on my Sonar Festival sets this weekend. ”

Will Saul (Simple Records)

“ The Joakim remix is great. Full support from me. ”
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