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Blanche Neige
Circus Company

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 29-12-2008
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What we say

Since their first releases on Circus Company and Milnormodern the 3 mousketeers achieve to impose themsleves on the scene with their unik touch. The band is Clement Zemtsov on beat programing, Damien
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Since their first releases on Circus Company and Milnormodern the 3 mousketeers achieve to impose themsleves on the scene with their unik touch. The band is Clement Zemtsov on beat programing, Damien Vandesande on keyboards and horns at last but not least, Jonathan Illel is warmly laying the lyrics. After having produced hip-hop instrumental for a few years they got into house music after meeting Nicolas from Nôze. One year and a half later they come up with Between The Blues ep, a brilliant first EP on Circus Company. Then the guys several EP’s on other labels like Orac or Eklo. They also start touring a lot across europe and eastern countries. This new record is called .Blanche Neige’ (Snow White) as the lead track of the EP. All the lyrics from it are taken from the original text written by Jacob & Whilelm Grimm back in 1812. .Blanche Neige’ is declined in two different versions. On the A side comes the original mix is the dancefoor cut. Slower House beat, solid groove, surround by a marvelous chior. While the break show upreading the first lines of .Snow White’ in french. Let me just tell you that when the break is over you should fasten your seat belt before a nice take off… The first track on B side is Romeo. This track was produced by dOP and Nôze. Once again all the lyrics are taken from a book. Here it’s from .Romeo and Juliet’ written by William Shackespeare. This track perfectly represent the alliance of both bands. The unik saxophone skills from Damien Vandesande the one man horn section, a wonderfull piano ride by Nôze and the sexy voice of Jonathan Illel. An acoustic house blaster ! The Ep is finaly closing down on B2 with the pop version of Blanche Neige called .kinder cut’. There comes the deepness…

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DJ Comments (20)

DJ Koze

I really like it. As usually doP are waking up the dancefloor with a new idea. Their tracks always have a special twist!! that´s why i like them so much. Que Precioso!

Jay Haze

dop is my new favorite act, and this new record on circus company shows why, fresh approach, fresher sounds and a great sense of humor. this is exactly why i love music- im gonna dream about making love to snow white now!

Seth Troxler

dop is by far one of the best in the business right now, and with this ep they did not disappoint. Blanche Neige is undoubtedly a record that i will play every track from till the grooves where out

Dave Jenkins (IDJ / Ibiza-Voice.com)

What a cool package! Loving both tracks - Blanche Neige has a great dark groove while Romeo has a wicked piano and horn hook. Will cover in both iDJ Mag and Ibiza Voice website…




super good! DOP is one of my favs this year!

Magazine - Tsugi Mag



the track with noze is super!


im in love with this release!
very inspiring and original..as well im a huge fan of noze, so their addition sold me instantly..

DJ Deep

DOP Blanche Neige is the one for me on this release!

2000 And One

phat circus company release again!!!

Franck Roger

i really like romeo.; baroque things .. strange things and funky games lol


thanks for this..

like romeo will play

Hot Chip

Great tracks, I love these guys and the track with Noze is a real winner.


Think I like the Original the best. Deep and tech housey. The vocals create a real sexy mood.Romeo is a cool track too, but don't think I'd play it as much as the orig.


the original trx is the one for me.



Laurent Garnier

realy like this
will play it everywhere

Ivan Smagghe

blanche neige is a great moodyman style builder... class release...

Oleg Poliakov

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