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Ahmet Sisman
Playing with Acid EP
Slash Label

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 07-12-2010
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What we say

After more than one year Slash co-owner AHMET SISMAN is back with his brand new solo EP! The PLAYING WITH ACID EP is an unapologetic combination of raw-deep techno and electro-pop influenced house mus
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After more than one year Slash co-owner AHMET SISMAN is back with his brand new solo EP! The PLAYING WITH ACID EP is an unapologetic combination of raw-deep techno and electro-pop influenced house music. And as we know it already from Mr. SISMAN, he loves to combine different genres and create his own distinctive flavor! The A-Side PLAYING WITH ACID is a pure synthie-baseline dominated track whose melody is drilling through your head that you won’t forget it so easily. This trapping hook line is coming along with some poppy vocals which are giving you a slight association how is it feeling being totally vaporized in the mind. We say, be careful when you playing with ACID!!! FEEL TODAY THINK TOMORROW has a different approach while the ingredients remain the same. It’s the more melancholic side of this record but also filled with pure energy. The guitar phrases creating those feelings between the struggle and harmony in life, and like the title indicates: live today, pay tomorrow! NO RETURN NO REGRET is the more poppy side of this record. The B2-Side is a mixture of modern elements bonded with the refreshing vibe of the contemporary 80s influence. This fusion is a naive approach of pooling different styles in one track with the intention to create something timeless. Even its poppy elements doesn’t seem to allow it we going to love it for a long time and we hope you will feel the same! This three-tracker EP contains the well known “Mr. Sisman-Ingredients”. Although the difference to his previous productions laying in its details. Find it out for yourself and above all: Enjoy it!!!

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DJ Comments (36)

Big Bully

i like this whole release... really nice. LOVE the acoustic guitar breakdown on Feel Today... !

Mark Henning

playing with acid is cool.


awesome PLaying with acid...

Dan Drastic

love it. what else...


super Sisman strikes back! I love it!

Gregor Tresher

will play with acid Maceo Plex.


Funkin it up! Love playin with Acid.

Chris Lattner

huge ep! love the 80ies synth pop vibe in "no return no regret". playing with acid is also very cool!

Marco Carola

nice track!

Shaun Reeves

This is cool! Nice release!

Mathias Kaden

playing with acid.

Mr. Statik

Great package, will play and chart...


playing with acid is quite cool.

Tolga Fidan

your best record to date. aslankocum.


yeah I love the release straight in the box.

Paco Osuna

nice tunes.

Bloody Mary

playing with acid is solid.

Fabrizio Maurizi

 uffffffff......!! so good!!! Feel Today and Playing with Acid- super sick!

Daniel Sanchez

playing with acid!!!!

Alland Byallo

Feelin it!!! Gonna play all of these. Can't wait!

Falko Brocksieper

one of his best! loving the dirty basslines. support!

Jeremy P Caulfield

Feel Today is Forward! Warp Future Excorsism .. The Heat wil rise .. THE HEAT WILL RISE !

Sweet 'n Candy

Acid & Return are my favs. Big Tune!


Playing with Acid for me!


big big boogie! I love it.


I like the intimate vocals....playing with acid is top.


Super interesting EP. Feel Today Think Tomorrow is the one for me.

Stephan Bodzin

will playout the acid!!!


WOW Big Big Big killer ep! alle drei sind der hammer.

Alejandro Vivanco

great tunes amigo!


nice package.

Patrick Bateman

Playing with acid and feel today are both super super super cool tracks! LOVE IT.

Cesare vs Disorder

another big piece by doctor sisman.played playing with acid a lot.

Chris Carrier

cool tracks.

Nico Purman

amazing! i like all tracks!


wow! playing with acid is wicked!!
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