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Stephan Bodzin vs. Marc Romboy

3Album Compilation CD
Out: 04-03-2011
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Just a few minutes till impact. Final approach, three, two, one… Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy ain´t no astronauts. They are first and foremost musicians, producers and long time friends. Both w
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Just a few minutes till impact. Final approach, three, two, one… Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy ain´t no astronauts. They are first and foremost musicians, producers and long time friends. Both would admit that arguing and talking music is as important as making it. Together with their own long running imprints, Systematic Recordings and Herzblut Recordings, they have proven how to build up a distinct label sound. However, similar to some well-known astronauts, the word "Luna" has a very special meaning to the musicians because it´s the name of Marc´s daughter and coincedently that of Stephan´s wife as well. Therefore it had been the obvious choice when they were looking for a fitting title name back in 2005. Six years on, and the project nears its final touchdown and is honored with a triple-CD and an outstanding vinyl-set of six records! For the past years, track names such as „Callisto“, „Puck“, „Atlas“ or „Phobos“ have been regular listings inside various playlists and DJ Charts. And similar to the nearly eternal footprints on the moon, these tracks have proven how to set up an acoustic milestone, which is why some special synthapella-versions (without beats or percussion parts) pay tribute to the concept of „less is more“. Previously only avalaible on vinyl, „Luna“ compiles 16 tracks plus two brand new productions („Triton“ & „Oberon“). The stylistic range is additionally highlighted by an 80 minutes mix, ranging somewhere between a truly modern club sound and bold electronic experiments. It is this range of possibilities, backed by the love for certain sound worlds originating from vintage synthesizers such as the Moog and the Arp or drumcomputers like the ones from Roland and Vermona, that has worked like a magnet for other producers to ardently work on remixes. More then 20 different producers from all over the world take you to a musical orbit, starting in Germany with Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound), Pan-Pot (Mobilee), Dominik Eulberg, Chris Liebing, Martin Buttrich (Desolat), Roman Flügel (Dial) und Robag Wruhme (Pampa Records), continuing with Gui Boratto (Kompakt) from Brazil, Speedy J (Plus 8) and Joris Voorn from The Netherlands, Minilogue from Sweden and even Abe Duque from New York from the U.S.A.. An electronic transmission from the moon to the Earth takes a little more than one second to cover the distance. But when listening to „Luna“, you won´t dare to think in minutes or seconds ignition sequence start, trois, deux, unité!

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DJ Comments (25)


Outstanding group of remixers and outstanding remixes which I will play very gladly to destroy dancefloors around the world.....Techno at its finest thanxs guys J

Samuel L Session

This package will go down well! The Liebing mix will work the best in my sets.

Norman Nodge

After first listen my favourites are the rmx of Mr. Wruhme and the relentless tool of Mr. Liebing.


OMG WTF This is massive.... Whats the best remix from pretty much all the lords of Techno? Which one do I pick its very hard to say. Its all outstanding.

Marco Carola

Martin Buttrich turns out the best remix here. Support.

Adam Beyer

Very strong package! Will support on gigs and radio.

Troy Pierce

2nd half of the Stimming remix is sick!

Sebo K

Huge package! Definite support!

Joel Mull

Amazing release! What a package. You spoil me kids. So much taste and beauty on here. I’m doing the running man dance over here. J


Martin Buttrich's mix is the one for me - sounds great for the early/late hours.


I'm really into the the Chris Liebing remix, proper techno rework. Robag is on fire as usual. Nice.

Dave Clarke

Chris Liebing's mix of Puck is fierce and a surefire builder on the dancefloor!!

Kenny Larkin

A very strong release! I'll be playing quite a few in my set.

Nick Curly

Good package...Robag Wruhme and Martin Buttrich are the ones for me...thanks.

Joris Voorn

Superb Huntemann mix!! Really great package all together!

Dominik Eulberg

Stimming Remix is fantastic!


Into Martin, Gregor and Robag remixes, superstar remix pack.

Seth Troxler

Wowowow!!! Martin did a extra incredible job!

Brothers Vibe

Martin Buttrich Remix is MASSIVE!

Len Faki

Chris Liebing Remix is deep as hell!!


Sian - "Excellent..this is one hell of a package. Loud, smart and consistently knockout quality.

Florian Meindl

HUGE! Outstanding package, my favorites are the Huntemann and Liebing remixes.

Paco Osuna

Super bomb ep, full support cant choose one favourite.


Great remix pack! Martin Buttrich did the best job for our sets and Stimming and Greagor Tresher are following very closely! SUPPORT!!!

2000 And One

WOW what a slammin remix pack!!!
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