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Tech House


Various Artists
Amsterdam All Stars
Rush Hour

Maxi Single & EP
RH 116 CD
Out: 07-11-2011
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DJ Comments (22)


ouh, big one! i wish i was from amsterdam!

Cosmo Vitelli

Same. Huge comp. Full support.

Kabale Und Liebe

wow great package! proper, melon, werner, rachmad, juju&jordash maxi
mill and young marco are my picks.

Michel de hey

wat is dt toch met amsterdam:/) maar de muziek is fine!

Mousse T.

Mamma Mia!!!!!

Trevor Jackson

2 MUCH MUSIC! all strong tracks.

Samuel L Session

nice selection, several will go down well in a set.

Charles Webster

really gr8 selection..hard to pick a fave...will support 4 sure...thnx..x

Jacques Renault

impossible to choose a fav, great release for sure..


how much i love your label, your city and your people right now...
absolutly no city can do this in 2011. thank you rush hour and thank you
Amsterdam, all the songs are super hi quality music... so rare now big
love from paris z

Robert Owens

great collection of tracks.


nice package!!!

Justin Robertson

love love it, so many good tracks, Tom Trago, Young Marco, Juju and
Jordash, Dexter! oh its all marvellous

Laurent Garnier

GREAT Package !!! ALL MY SUPPORT !!!


tom trago on first listen, so much cool fuzzed out music here!

Mad Mats

What the f*ck am I doin' over in Stockholm when all the action is in
Amsterdam? Amsterdam is the nu nu and the music represented here
declares why...solid comp! Where are my moving boxes...I'm comin'

Norman Nodge

After first listen I can´t decide which one´s best for me. Splendid package.


classic album!


Melon stands out, as does Trago (no surprise). I also love the Dexter
and Rachmad. The Young Marco is great too. Lots to listen to here, and
lots more to play!


wow strong comp!! (coming from an Eindhovenaar this is twice as
Melon - Dexter - Trago & Newworldaquarium big up.

Alex From Tokyo

All the tracks are ACE! What a great compilation!! Amsterdam IN FULL

Ben Sims

A solid package right there, many great tracks! fave's are Dexter and
Newworldaquarium on first listen but that could change!, thx again.
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