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Fabrice Lig is considered by his peers & techno fans around the globe as a world class producer. He is well known for his particularly funky use of Roland’s sh101 analog synth, and for his particularly emotional and personal melodies and harmonies. There is no doubt that after more than 10 yea
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Fabrice Lig is considered by his peers & techno fans around the globe as a world class producer. He is well known for his particularly funky use of Roland’s sh101 analog synth, and for his particularly emotional and personal melodies and harmonies. There is no doubt that after more than 10 years of teaching himself production processes, complex midi programming and harmonies, Fabrice’s sound is unique and recognisable among the thousands of weekly techno releases. Demonstrations of these skills appear on the crème de la crème of techno labels such as KMS (Kevin Saunderson) & 7th City Records (Dan Bell) from Detroit, F-Communications (Laurent Garnier) from Paris, Raygun Records from Hamburg, Playhouse Records from Offenbach and most recently on the finest Berlin-based label, Kanzleramt (Heiko Laux). It was in 1988 that Fabrice was touched by his first dance music shock - “I was 15, on the dance floor of a Belgian club, when I heard Big Fun by Kevin Sauderson’s Innercity project. It was an shock, I’d never felt such overpowering emotion before. The day after, a friend who used to work for a radio station told me that it was called Techno music. It was my first contact with Detroit electronic music”. By the end of 1998, after his first DJ and production experiences, under the Interwaves and Bug Orchestra nicknames, Fabrice was elevated to the ranks of the Detroit musical elite by Mad Mike himself, thanks to his classic remix of E-Dancer’s Banjo track on KMS: “Fabrice is a part of Detroit music's history by being the first white producer to record on KMS, and the first double groove recording from NSC”. Since then, Fabrice’s career regularly draws the attention of the international Techno community, thanks to a series of critically acclaimed releases: From his classic “Justice”, “Escape from Nowhere” or “Galapagos” tracks on Raygun Records to the “Even Deeper EP” with his peer Titonton Duvanté on Detroit’s 7th City Records, from the “Greed” remix for Laurent Garnier to his acclaimed first album for his Soul Designer project on F-Communications and dozens of other productions and remixes, Fabrice has built a solid discography and reputation, confirmed by his reknowned appearances at the world’s best clubs & festival line ups. (Fabric - London, Womb-Tokyo, Detroit Fuse-In Festival, Fuse - Brussels, Loft - Barcelona, Sub Club - Glasgow, The End - London, Famous Respect! Parisian parties, Sonar Festival, world famous official Montreux Jazz Festival, Bourges festival (On stage with Jean-Michel Jarre), plus tours in US, Canada, Japan and the whole of Asia) Highlights of 2003 are the already classic “Meet you in Brooklyn” EP on Playhouse Records, the “Universal Tech” & “Los Picaros” EPs on the world class techno label, Kanzleramt. The 2003 releases could almost be considered as teasers when compared to the new album released on Kanzleramt in 2004 “My 4 Stars” is already seen as a new step in melodic techno history. It is certainly the richest and most personal album from Fabrice. With live percussion, straight vocal harmonies and saxophone recordings - the result is a combination of the best of analogue old school gear and the incredible new computer possibilities of the present day. 2004 is also the year of “Soul Designer” come back on F-Com, with a new EP called “the Mother Funky Beat”. Fabrice is just coming back from a big tour to support the last album; from Fabric - London to Rex Club - Paris… China (where he played for the Jean Paul Gaultier official after show), Australia, Japan… To finish on the Main Stage of the famous Fuse-In Detroit Festival 2005. Where he was voted by Detroit Free press as the best dj Set of 2005’s Festival. 2005 is the year of a compilation of his best tracks for Technorient Label from Hong-Kong’ s Technasia . The project will hit Asia in the mid november 2005 and the rest of the world in the late december 2005. He is also lauching his own label in September 2005, called Melodika… 2006, always on the road but also in the studio to record some new remixes (Third ear records, Mental Groove records). 2007 :Fabrice just also finished a track with Ken Ishii for the Japanese superstar new album “Sunriser”, their track “Organised Green” is already a classic on Ken’s new album. But the 2005/2006 and early 2007 were also some hard studio works to prepare the new releases for Fabrice. Be ready for 2007 and 2008…want some info ?... Fabrice just released a new acclaimed “Mauler” on Trapez limited, to push the Detroit roots into a new modern mental & emotional sound. Into the classic Detroit sound, Fabrice is coming with 2 new e.ps in collaboration with DJ 3000 (UR) on his imprint : Motech. A new e.p is coming on Versatile from Paris, a new e.p, digging into the classic deep sound of Detroit and into the Future funk sound to rock the dancefloor. And finaly, thousand hours spent into the studio to delivery a new step into the Techno-Soul music for his classic “Soul Designer” project…”Evolutionism”, the new Soul Designer LP will touch the world soon on the already classic UK/Japan label : Third Ear recordings. Later, Fabrice will bring back his Sh 101 on the road for a new Soul Designer World tour Live. 

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