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Frankfurt a.M.

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Website: www.saasfee.de


Saasfee is a label for media, design, art and electronic music. the group consisting of eight people combines the qualities of artists, programmers and musicians for projects in their very own saasfee style: artificial landscapes and projections that enable you to experience new virtual spaces, litt
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Saasfee is a label for media, design, art and electronic music. the group consisting of eight people combines the qualities of artists, programmers and musicians for projects in their very own saasfee style: artificial landscapes and projections that enable you to experience new virtual spaces, little soundtools that encourage you to participate and discover, the gleaming animations of stardax (the visual subdivision of saasfee) or the various musical projects. It is never our aim to just cover one area but rather to offer a threedimensional audiovisual "product" for active participation that involves the viewer and appeals to several of his senses. whether the projects are environmental installations, entertainment orientated activities or experiments in the world wide web, each time we try out new forms of aesthetics and presentation.                Saasfee has been working together in this constellation since the year 1999, but the origins of this development are to be found in the beginning of the nineties: saasfee evolved out of the previous project arosa2000. at that time we moved into a shop in the heart of frankfurt which was little more than an oversized display window where we put on exhibitions on 12 square meters space. for two years (1994-1996) we had over 40 exhibitions by various artists. environmental installations that extended over the confines of the small shop into the street and the cellar rooms soon got arosa2000 recognized as a meeting point and pool for artists, musicians, designers and other people interested in this area. in 1997 we gave back the shop and started organizing bigger events. Arosa2000s "mobile parks" were looking for spaces which had once been declared public and municipal but had fallen into oblivion in frankfurt and were threatened by redevelopment and commercial interests. the former stadtbad mitte (an indoor bath in the middle of frankfurt) with its wavelike rolling ceiling a document of fifties architecture and aesthetics or the impressive wood-paneled halls and winding stairways of the volksbildungsheim set dignified but also modern and innovative background for our events. even at this time cooperations that crossed boundaries and attempted to combine several media had been the main concern of arosa2000. at the terrace.club more than 80 artists, cooks, musicians, dancers, fashion designers attracted an audience of over 3000 people with their performances, installations, concerts, readings and several other entertainment activities for one weekend at the casino of the ig-farben-haus in frankfurt. Much energy was put into the organisation and the consolidation of an aesthetical basis. the idea of a growing platform for art is still an important aspect, that is why saasfee cooperates frequently with different artists. but the main focus has now been put on the creation of our own projects and works, for example "the electronic dreamplant*", which already has a history of its own and goes back to the early nineties when stardax and pink elln (electronic music) collaborated for the first time. the combination of music and digitally generated pictures and landscapes was meant to inspire immersion and offer relaxation. in the meantime this cooperation has developed into a charming acoustic and visual project which can be heard and viewed on a cd/cd-rom. The interaction of visual and acoustic elements has already been established at various projects and concerts. current examples could be enjoyed at the art-live festival in torino/italy in the summer of 2001 and in the year 2000 as a part of the art exhibition "la beauté" in avignon/france. saasfee presented the "electronic dreamplant*" on 300 square meters. in a green-hued ambience with projections of over 15 meters length stardax conjured up a "biosphere" where guests were invited to stay: "prenez place et détendez-vous sur les petites îles electronique". acoustics were handled by pink elln and superpop. specifically designed seating invited guests on the "electronic islands" to immerse themselves in the various attractions such as electronic games and experimental soundtools. By employing lighting objects and light boxes and combining them with the virtual pictures of stardax and the projections a fitting seemingly organic environment was created. in june 2002 the live version of "the electronic dreamplant*" was shown at the forum stadtpark in graz/austria. With tourist 1.2 saasfee took part in last year's art fair, the "art frankfurt". as with the biosphere in avignon this project too was a media installation. a soft green island for sitting and lying down to experience virtual landscapes, animations, videos and sounds via video goggles and to control the virtual voyage with a rotary knob, same as you would do it with a radio dial. To make the visit to the audiovisual worlds more than just a glimpse but a rather a tangible product saasfee releases as a label cds and vinyl records of charming musical acts such as pink elln, sergej auto and superpop. the contributing artists are given an appropriate platform to release their work. on our website www.saasfee.de all the releases can be listened to and you can gather lots of information about the forthcoming activities of saasfee. and those of the past too. Saasfee are: alex oppermann, moni friebe, axel roessler, al dhanab, malte tinnus, philipp karger, maiken laackmann and valentin beinroth.

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