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Reviews on Tang, John Beltran, John Kimble

Deep Chicago House Techno recommended

Tang – Ominous (Emphasis Recordings)

Tang aka Steven Tang should likely be well-known for lovers of deeper Chicago house and techno. Born in Hong Kong and based in Chicago since 1981 Steven Tang grew up with the local house and techno scene evolving from its very beginnings, which strongly aroused his interest and resulted in his first release “Windy City” on his own imprint Emphasis Recordings in 1998. Under diverse variations of his real name and his additional aliases Monomer, Misguided and Obsolete Music Technology Steven Tang released a bunch of EPs and a full-length album on his Emphasis Recordings and such renowned labels like Aesthetic Audio, Syncrophone Recordings or Smallville Records. The EP “Ominous” has originally been published in 2007 and is finally available for all friends of digital tune picking. Tang’s sound and flow in here beautifully show his characteristic approach to reduced floating techno. Warm, somehow dreamy are his synthie scapes that seem to embrace the sometimes stoic, sometimes flickering melodies and stabs to meet up dry drum programmings that always appeal plainly effective. A wonderful lesson in timeless techno!

John Beltran – Safardic EP (Silhouette Noir)

US based producer John Beltran is one of the silverbacks from the early days of techno and electronica sounds that still keeps going with true music and the “Safardic EP” on Silhouette Noir is his recent output. Since his first release at the beginngs of the 90’s and loads of versatile grooves and sound scapes with influences in different electronic styles as well as jazz and world music that appeared on labels like Delsin Records, Millions Of Moments, Dado Records, Exceptional Records, Ubiquity, Styrax Records … there has always been John Beltran’s hand recognizable on his works. The “Safardic EP” is no exception and brings sweet deepness and melodies, feastful string arrangements as well as edgy and uplifting elements from twirling drum parts, bouncing grooves and heavily floating, straight forwarding chords with a keen sense for progression. Nice!

John Kimble – Mo On The Keys (Rough Recordings)

Another deep slap from Rough Recordings is out and features some fresh new faces from the German motor city Stuttgart. The two originals on “Mo On the Keys” by John Kimble and their remixes by Tobi Danton & daNapo and Nico Brun keenly get in queue with the rough jackin’ house action that took place on the also Stuttgart based imprint before. Deep and directly uplifting is the sound that is provided on all titles, except for the original of “NY House” which works on a more subtle level but turns upward as well. For the remaining three tunes there are stompy kicks and straight forwarding grooves with heavy stabs and rubbing deepness spiced with funky vocal cuts to build the base of their forceful dance floor drive. Deep attack!

Written by Jan (WPP Staff)

15.07.2015 - 11:35 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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