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Reviews: Cabinet, Perseus Traxx, Osunlade

Deep Chicago House recommended

Various Artists – Goodies (Cabinet)

Cabinet Records – a kind of authority for steady grooving club tunes between house and tech house – has just released their “Goodies” as Various Artists selection. Since their beginnings in 1994 Cabinet Records has been a good companion for djs and dancers with pure and solid underground stuff. The current EP with works from DJ Honesty aka Honeydrop, Lemakuhlar, phazer and Noha brings a fine portion of deep techy house that works supportive like a Swiss knife for campers when its been used to weave auditive energy out of flow for people in motion. Multifunctional floor goodness!

Perseus Traxx – Goddesses Of Inspiration II (Flight Recorder)

The combination of classical Greek mythology and Chicago house and techno is once more the topic of Perseus Traxx EP “Goddesses Of Inspiration II”. Like its prequel in 2013 the current works has also been released on Flight Recorder and is dedicated to the Muses; the nine Goddesses who promote literature, science and arts and represent the personifications of inspiration. The chosen four are Urania (The Muse Of Astrology), Erato (The Muse Of Love Poetry), Euterpe (The Muse Of Flutes and Lyrical Poetry) and Polyhymnia (The Muse Of Sacred Poetry), who inspired Perseus Traxx to draw four stripped down Chicago space techno and acid house tunes between bulky, trippy roughness and airy but tension-filled groove cuts. Plain arrangements, crispy sounds and resolute machine funk additionally supply all titles with a charming, familiar warehouse feel by staying somehow special. Jackadelic!

Osunlade – What Pho (Yoruba Records)

Deep house with strong jazzfunk and soul roots is what Osunlade and his self-founded label Yoruba Records put light on again with “What Pho”. Out of St. Louis Missouri Osunlade started in 1999 to spread his warm and organic dance fusion sounds through his own imprint as well as labels like Soul Jazz Records, Strictly Rhythm, Nite Grooves, BBE or Sonar Kollektiv just to name a few. The four current titles on “What Pho” are completely dealing with a strongly organic flow and combine warm as well as tricky jazzy harmonics, funky rhythm joy, a lot of soul and a keen sense for genre passing timeless dance music. Beauty!

Written by Jan (WPP Staff)
27.07.2015 - 13:06 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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