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Reviews: F. Wentink, Thomalla, Lowtec

Deep Chicago House recommended

Frits Wentink – Live Fast, Dwayne Young (Bobby Donny)

Attention attracting modern deep house producer Frits Wentink has just launched his new label Bobby Donny with the first installment called “Live Fast, Dwayne Young”. After a bunch of releases and tracks on labels like Heist Recordings, Wolf Music, Wolfskuil Ltd or 2020Vision plus his first full-length album “Rarely Pure, Never Simple” that appeared earlier this year it seems the right time for the Amsterdam fellow to also pave his own musical path. Therefor Bobby Donny shall focus on the wonkier hardware jam actions and fun inherent sounds. A mission target that can head noddingly be confirmed as accomplished when the six titles of “Live Fast, Dwayne Young” have passed through. Pumpin’ and bouncin’ shuffled rhythm structures meet crazy sound fx (like tackling mosquitos) as well as infectiously strange melodies, vocal cuts and sound interplays that merge into an unforeseen auditive amusement between weird deep house stompers and a hip hop slide-in. With his keen sense for freaky mash ups drawing old jazz, hip hop and space funk as the probably most shiny influences Frits Wentink’s approach to modern house music and beats gives a more than credible start to Bobby Donny and will surely cause some wide ears for what’s coming next. Fresh Stuff!

Thomalla – Imaginary Solutions (Riotvan)

Another pack of modern space edged house has been dropped by Berlin based producer and dj Thomalla and the label and party crew Riotvan from Leipzig. After both have shown a keen affection for warm contemporary grooves like Thomalla on Running Back before or Riotvan with their great “Laika” EP it’s “Imaginary Solutions” to be their first get-together. The sound in here comes along groovy and fleet-footed but likewise contemplative and serious. Bumpy drumworks, tricky rhythms and melodic deepness build the source ingredients for Thomalla to form an EP full of touching modern house with gentle trippiness and fancy arrangments. TIP!

Lowtec – Mitre Peak (Out To Lunch)

Moody analogue house treasures is what Jens Kuhn aka Lowtec put on his “Mitre Peak” EP for his self-run imprint Out To Lunch back in the year 2000. These originals got a digital repitch together with some more timeless stuff by Marvin Dash, Dan Jordan aka Move D and news from Black Point or The Hangout Project. “Mitre Peak” shows one of Lowtec’s early output followed by releases on Workshop, Playhouse, Smallville, Polyfon, Laid or Nonplus Records. All titles are featured as untitled tracks and bring some Detroit house and deep electronica tech sounds between growing subtle dream works and trippy slow bouncing grooves. Essential classic!

 Written by Jan (WPP Staff)
27.07.2015 - 13:18 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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