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Andras & Oscar - Ike Release - Folamour

Deep Chicago House recommended

Andras & Oscar – (I Know) What You Want (Dopeness Galore)

Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung team up again for some more charming r’n'b and new-age kissed oldschool deepness on the Dutch imprint Dopeness Galore. Besides their solo output the single “(I Know) What You Want” is their third release as Andras & Oscar containing the EP “Embassy Café” as well as the full length album “Café Romantica” in 2014. Blissfully continuing the Melbourne based duo comes up with another lo-fi dance pop fusion, this time built on a plain 90’s NY house groove, floating new-age synthie warmth and of course Oscars’ gently touching and charismatic vocals. To round the single with more goodness it got boosted by a double remix excellence of the album title “Looking Back” by Australian floor heaters Tornado Wallace and Zanzibar Chanel. Totally Recommended Stuff!

Ike Release – Dance Equations (Northside ’82)

Innerspace Halflife member Ike Release sets the start for the new label works of the famous Chicago based night club Smart Bar, that is going to present the sound of its residents through Northside ’82.  Beginning with the EP “Dance Equations” that ties in with Ike Release’s former output on labels like M>O>S, Infrasonics, Machining Dreams and delivers some synthesizer driven analogue house with a classic and likewise futuristic approach. A thing that can be heard again on each of the three tracks in here, that come along with a common sense for sound aesthetics and complexity. The title tune and first track “Dance Equations” feels like a pushing space aerobic groove workout with it’s repetitive female vocal call, trippy warmth and driving flow. “Bijou“ is next, heavier, more bouncing and a rhythmic club tool that should be strongly convenient for peak time floor entertainment, while “Direct Current” is more epic and trippy through its swelling chords and evolving liquid synthie stabs. Analogue pleasures for ears and feet!

Folamour – Chapeau Rouge (Fauxpas Musik)

A pack of deep and easy grooving summer vibes with soul have recently been put out by Folamour with “Chapeau Rouge” on Fauxpas Musik. After only a handful of appearances on labels like Luvdancin, D.KO Records or Touche Française the Lyon based producer serves a well rounded first album where he keenly merges pleasant vintage sounds from jazz to funk and soul with plain drum programmings and smoothly growing arrangments into eight mellow driving deep house pearls. Lovely!

Written by Jan (WPP Staff)
25.09.2015 - 17:17 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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