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Justus Köhncke - San Proper - Johannes Klingebiel

Pop - Nu Disco - House recommended

Justus Köhncke – An Alle (Martin Hossbach)

Justus Köhnckes passion for doing cover versions is well known und documented, now he rides again and delivers “An Alle“ on Berlin label Martin Hossbach. “An Alle” is a five track EP and digs deep into German chart history with Köhncke choosing songs that most serious electronic artists would indeed avoid so the general idea behind “An Alle” is, though highly interesting, full of traps. But Köhncke is confident in dealing with the odd and his approach far away from make fun of cheesy mainstream stuff (as the average underground artist probably would) so he gets away with his versions of Tanita Tikarams (only) hit “Twist In My Sobriety” and Doubles (only) hit “Captain Of Her Heart” (the lyrics are congenially translated into German so the songs now emerge as “Ein Riss In Meiner Nüchternheit” and “Der Herzenskapitän”). The subtle and warm, yet quite distant electronic beats and synthetic arrangements forgo any form of irony und pick up the originals controlled sadness and melancholy transporting them to a different environment illustrating the universality of emotions.

The same does Köhncke with classic German Schlager songs from the seventies (“Nachts Wenn Alles Schläft” by South-African-successful-only-in-Germany singer Howard Carpendale) and eighties (“Stimmen Im Wind” by Esoteric-Schlager-Chanteuse Juliane Werding (who got sampled by Wolfgang Voigt for his leftfield techno monster “Fackeln Im Sturm”)) and even with “Ein Stern Der Deinen Namen Trägt”, made famous by notorious and enormously annoying Bierzelt-Party-King DJ Ötzi, successfully searching for the songs essence behind the schlock. In doing so Köhncke dramatically emphasizes the heartbreaking desire for intimacy of “Nachts Wenn Alles Schläft” and reduces “Ein Stern Der Deinen Namen Trägt” (the DJ-Ötzi-version being amazingly terrible) to a touching electropop ballad with fragile and shaking vocals. Just great!

Written by João Geck

San Proper – San Proper presents L.O.V.E. 2 (Dopeness Galore)

San Proper should have earned some well-deserved attention during the last 15 years through performances from underground venues to major clubs and festivals as well as appearances on such labels as Rush Hour, Perlon, Dekmantel or M>O>S – to just name a few. For “San Proper presents L.O.V.E. 2” he’s back on the Amsterdam tandem with Dopeness Galore and presents the 2nd part of his “L.O.V.E.” EP.  Similar to the 1st part listeners should not expect sheer club sounds here. Again San Proper shows wide-spread roots and how he loves to fuse styles and jam around as he does on his solo live shows, where he’s chanting vocals and playing several instruments alongside his hardware and digital gear. The result is crazy organic kraut-house music with uniqueness and eccentricity. Weird and refreshing stuff!

Written by Jan (WPP Staff)

Johannes Klingebiel – Latewood (Remixes) (Feines Tier)

Cologne based Johannes Klingebiel shows a pretty versatile portfolio of musical interrelations. You do not only find him as an established DJ in the nightlife of his adopted home town, where he holds a residency at the JackWho club. He also works as a booking agent there and achieved to become an academic jazz drummer with a top-notch reputation. These musical directions lead him to his krautjazz band C.A.R. and to also start solo works as a producer for modern electronic dance music. Besides appearances on Mule Musiq, Ancient Future or Like his electronic efforts has shown his first solo EP called “Latewood” in 2015 on the likewise Cologne based party and label venture Feines Tier. One year after Feines Tier has delivered the “Latewood (Remixes)” with reworks of Johannes Klingebiel’s warm and jolly originals. Therefor it’s hitherto mostly undiscovered Rhytch and Conga Fever on remix duties as well as renowned producers like David Hasert and Ruede Hagelstein. A selection that turns out to be pretty suitable. Each one of the given remixer ensemble understands to keep the initial cosmic-indietronic-house flavours and its warmth and translate them into four modern dance remixes between house, discotronics and techno that reminds a bit on Todd Terje here and Border Community stuff there. Check it out!

Written by Jan (WPP Staff)
21.09.2016 - 11:07 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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