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Review on Nackt - Night System

Released on The Nite owl Diner

Always interesting Chicago label The Night Owl Diner comes up with its eighth release and listening to it in a way really is a pleasure as the four tracks of “Night System” by Nackt (aka Johnny Igaz) are great dance music through and through, full of energy and underground euphoria. The title track with its Acid edges and this twisted bass line is a stomping ride celebrating the big night out, punchy but still not too harsh, keeping an uplifting elegance through its floating synth lines. “Need To Know” follows a similar path, less Acid, more hand claps, but a joyous club tune par excellence as well. Piano chords, progress, climax, the rhythm: throw your hands in the air! “Depth Of Field”, a standout, is totally focused on the essential things: the groove is dry as dust und creeps closer towards electro funk, sure there’s some Acid in it and it keeps pushing forward forward forward. If you’re a DJ: play it! “Ocean View” then is more House-oriented; smoother chords, though of course infectious, bring on some easier vibes and put a smile on your face. Great stuff!

So as I said, listening to “Night System” in a way really is such an exciting thing. In another way the release just leaves you feeling sad and shocked because Johnny Igaz died in the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland last December and he’ll never be able to create such music full of life again. He will be missed.

Written by João Geck
31.01.2017 - 18:32 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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