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Review on Arnheim - Floras of Autumn Street

Released on Barbara Recordings

After some noteworthy releases on labels such as Greta Cottage Arnheim installed his own imprint (called Barbara Recordings) and delivered the first record himself: “Floras Of Autumn Street” is a four track EP that illustrates Arnheims class in creating deep deep stuff. The title track sets the tone of the records atmosphere, merging forceful drums with a jazzy piano and warm repetitive chants resulting in a vibe that’s groovy and nonchalant but also got a certain twist and is far from being merely lounge music or something.

“Our Lady Of Perpetual Dance” is based on a stripped-down House beat with a slight tendency towards stumbling (I got reminded of Wbeezas rhythm works while Arnheims stuff maybe is a little more reduced).

With “Which Of The Waltzes” Arnheim moves on to more free-form expressions, slows it down significantly and counts on percussions and the once more jazzy bass line. Absolutely amazing: the beauty- and soulful vocal performance by Shama Joseph that ranges from casual to expressive.

And also the releases last track is a remarkable one: “Groups Of Fourths” broken beats jolt and  twitch in downtempo, the tracks’ bare structure not disguised by superfluities. And it meanders lushly and sophisticated into a slightly alienating delight. Exciting!

Written by João Geck
01.02.2017 - 18:08 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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