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Review on: T.R. Early Earl – Bad Business EP

Released on Nsyde

Christopher Rau is most probably a name that needs little introduction to peeps with an active interest in today’s electronic dance music. The Hamburg based artist obtained to gain a stream of ongoing attention for his output built by quite a load of quality house, deep house and techno releases on labels like Smallville, Giegling, Hypercolour, Pampa, Mule Musiq, Aim or Junk Yard Connections to name just a few. Besides his Rhythmus Günther alias he took himself another disguise called T.R. “Early” Earl – both possibly meant for emphasizing his more techno led intentions. While Rhythmus Günther frequently emerged over Christopher Rau’s musical timeline T.R. “Early” Earl by now just entered the scene once for the “Bad Business EP” on Nsyde (btw. the label run by Berlin based DJ Richard Zepezauer). While the vinyl release already happened back in 2015 it took some patience to also satisfy digital needs with this addition. A phrase that should find some applicability since the titles on “Bad Business” does not sound aged by any sunken seasonality. Instead Christopher Rau aka T.R. “Early” Earl goes for the raw, analogue business here shaped by classical Detroit techno and house tempers – a vibe that nowadays earns a lot of excitement. He deals with reduced, bouncy grooves, angry synth stabs and subtle deepness (“Bad Conduction”) as well as airy and kind of naïve melodies on bumpy rhythm sections (“Turn Loose”) or soothing afterhour drifts with swelling pads and dopey synth strummings (“Get Up At Noon”). If you got Christopher Rau’s other works in mind this does not really sound disguised, but who cares?

Written by Jan (WPP)
14.04.2017 - 15:20 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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