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Review on: Carlos Nilmmns / Ian Elgey – Beautiful World

Released on Paris Metro

Scottish-born and French based dj, producer and composer Ross McMillan aka Carlos Nilmmns has made a name for himself in the realms of electronic dance music by numerous EPs, albums, track appearances, co-operations and remix works to be found on labels like Skylax, Ornaments, 4 Lux,  Cicrus Company, Trax Records or Planet E (where he was a regularly involved collaborator on Niko Marks album “Day of Knowing”). As a qualified musician with academically skilled background he also performed with orchestras and funk bands, scored music for theatres, short films, and video games and often brings an orchestral shine to his organic house and techno sounds. In 2014 he started his own imprint called Paris Metro Music and recently also a Paris Metro clothing line, which both tend to feature creative input of artists and designers from around the globe. One of the musical contributors and recurring production mates of Carlos Nilmmns is Ian Elgey, with whom he had a pack of Detroit, dub techno and Chicago soaked cooperations before on his own imprint as well as on Fizzy Duck. A get together that already began back in 2009 and that is also part of Paris Metro Music’s latest installment “Beautiful World”. The given EP titles here show three originals from Carlos Nilmmns and two tracks in cooperation with Ian Elgey. All of them seem to be created from a certain angle bringing classical club music approaches into differently tempered tunes. The titles on “Beautiful World” seem a bit hazy but reach to create an intense flow, playing with subtlety and swelling deepness, ranging from waving dance floor trance to bumpy, ecstatic drive ware and leave with an impression of having heard true and real dance music. This is eclectic Chicago and Detroit rooted house and techno that should stay thrilling for a countless couple of playbacks.

Written by Jan (WPP)
24.04.2017 - 18:33 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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