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Review on: John Jastszebski – Seasons

Released on Phonogramme


With his new EP “Seasons” John Jastszebski returns to Syncrophone sublabel Phonogramme and once again delivers formidable stuff: “Illusions” is a great House track, the driving rhythms kept not too simple and come with an extra sharpening, nevertheless the whole things grooves straightly forward with infectious soulful vocal samples and occasional appearances of some warm Rhodes sounds that smoothen the track just the way it has to be. “Graceland” is more Techno, raw and punchy beats point the way, the hi-hat hisses and the claps clap enormously. Yet there are layers of dense strings and flickering voice cuts frosting the roughness with a hypnotic and even melancholic feel showing John Jastszebskis profound skills in creating certain atmospheres way beyond your usual dance music. Jastszebski really knows what he’s doing but with the EPs title track “Seasons” he actually outdid himself. “Seasons” is quite minimal, there’s nothing much happening but a throbbing sequenzer pulsating on repeat over a dryly ticking groove, only some slight delicate shifts and sparse addititions appear and disappear again. And still there’s so much tension in this mesmerising music you want to listen to it again and again and again. Outstanding, this is what electronic music is about. Kai Alcés remix or, more precisely, his restructure of “Seasons” puts some flesh to the originals dry bones coming up with jazzy keyboards, gently swinging chords and a virtuously pumping bass line that will flood the biggest room with its nonchalant energy.
Top release, highly recommended!

Written by João Geck
25.04.2017 - 11:24 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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