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Review on: Reade Truth – Stairs To Upstairs EP

Released on Nsyde

Reade Truth is one of the early influencers of New York’s techno culture. He started his activities behind the decks in 1990 and put out his first record in 1994. Grown on a blend of genres reaching from house to techno over to ebm and industrial his music than appeared on Planet E, Virtual Records, Sonic Groove, Wurst or Path Records – a label that has been launched in the late 90’s as a platform for Reade Truth and mainly shows his own work alongside those of his varying monikers (Reade White, Fate 258) and collaborations (Upsetting Keys, The Lotus Project).
Another musical base for Reade Truth is built by the German label Nsyde. After a remix for Daso’s “Why Try” on the label’s first issue and a split EP with Mobach the Nsyde roster has additionally seen the first solo EP of Reade Truth in early 2016. Nearly a year afterwards his “Stairs To Upstairs EP” has also moved up in digital formats and brings a three-track-pack of classical analogue sound architecture crafted dance music for any type of non-vinyl rotations.
With it’s overall rawness and gloomy warehouse charm this EP seems to be strictly meant for night-time floor business. Heavy techno tales with hypnotic and mystical drive between Detroit, electro and ebm roots meet some snotty, disco-punk kissed house works and should perform pretty well at every underground rave happening.

Written by Jan (WPP)
03.05.2017 - 13:53 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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