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Review on: Octo Octa – New Paths

Released on Argot

Not only the musical ways of Maya Bouldry-Morrison aka Octo Octa have lead through some incisive happenings. After starting releasing music in 2011 and being part of a public live stream she took herself into personal consideration and made her coming out as being transgender last year. A process that could also be found within her works as a producer and musician and do restrospectively show a new perspective on her way of expression. Release titles like “Between Two Selves” or “Requiem For The Body” show a reflection of the togetherness of body and mind – a subject that it also part every serious house party movement. And house music is something that Octo Octa always understood to create in a way that people could drift into a free consensus with themselves. No matter if it’s about the more raw visions of her oldschool house inspired beginnings on 100% Silk and more dreamy follow ups on Running Back, Argot or Deepblak it has always been music supportive to drift into another state of mind. In March this year she released her new album “Where Are We Going?” on Honey Soundsystem Records, the label of San Francisco’s influential queer DJ collective. It was the first output that presented her in a queer dress on the front cover and maybe it’s an interpretional thing of putting sense of correlation into her musical development but the sounds seem smoothened and to flow with lowered tension. A description that also meets Octo Octa’s latest EP drop on Argot. “New Paths” show dreamy Chicago reminiscent house sounds. House sounds with a bright cosmic gown. Soaring dance music that feels somehow soothing, with a warming intensity, still raw but mainly led by soulful grooves and fleeing melodic shimmers. A musical wave into something good!

Written by Jan (WPP)
03.05.2017 - 13:58 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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