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Review on: Dazion – Don’t Get Me Wrong

Released on Second Circle


We already knew that Dutch label Second Circle is a place for the good music and their sixth and so far last release proves it once more: “Don’t Get Me Wrong” is the first record ever (at least under this name) by a guy from The Hague called Dazion and an unexpected pleasure between infectious rhythms from all around the world and bittersweet pop affairs. First track “Be A Man” opens with a warm sambaesque groove then speeds up a little and the quite magical voice of Ebou Gaye Mada, a Gambian who’s also living in the Netherlands, appears. These powerful vocals definitely stand out and though you might not get their meaning, as Gaye Mada is using a Gambian language, you’ll be instantly touched and impressed. Thankfully Dazions production skills are on a par so the track stays slender and pulsating, filled to the rim with iridescent synths and percussions (percussions also contributed by Ebou Gaye Mada).

“Rigola” is an instrumental track, slow but groovy, dominated by a slick bass line and strangely catchy melodies that effortlessly creep into your brain and nest there. Danceable? Why not!

The EPs other highlight (besides “Be A Man”) is the Vocal mix of “Dancing In The Future”, an immaculate electro pop song soaked with melancholy but also a lightness you’ll find on some of Erlend Øyes records as well. “Dancing In The Future”, a collaboration with Serbian Ljubisa Arsenovic (aka Paya) who delivers expressive vocals touched by New Wave and Gary Numan, is indeed influenced by this thing they call 80s pop: gleaming synths? analog drum machines? blinking melodies? You name it, but Dazion always keeps it stylistically confident and far away from being cheesy. Elaborate sounds that also make the instrumental version fun. Great release for any occasion!

Written by João Geck
30.05.2017 - 11:22 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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