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Review on: Thrilogy / Ishmael / Remotif – 001

Released on Fate and Fiction Recordings

There’s quite a lot of new labels around these days and Bristol based Fate And Fiction Recordings seems to be one of the more promising ones of them: its first release is a split EP, three artists, three tracks. And essential stuff it is, Thrilogy, Ishmael and Remotif deliver Deep House on a high level, organic, jazzy and not too laid back. Thrilogy (who by the way is the man behind Fate And Fiction, so you could call him the “label boss” if you want to) starts the ride with a tune called “Make Your Body” that sounds as fresh as hypnotic with all the right samples, melodies and beats in all the right places. Very nice stuff to get into the groove and prepare for Deep House peak time.

“Table Dance”, contributed by Ishmael (who had his really really good debut album Sometime In Space out on Church last year), uses similar ingredients but creates a slightly different mood as it’s all a little more minimalistic and reduced in here: the groove rolls on a perfectly designed and virtuously twisting beat, complex and capturing, as some voice samples and merely hinted harmonies bring off a momentum difficult to resist and just what you want to hear in modern House Music. It is of course floor friendly but you can enjoy it anywhere you are.

Same is with “A Way To Get Away” by Remotif. Crowned by a piano sample that you definitely may call ‘classic’, the highlight is the stoical bass line that, though not overemphasized, pulsates drily underneath the glowing surface, shuffles the track forward and makes your body move. Compelling yet smooth, Remotif puts the “Deep” into “Deep House”.

So Fate And Fiction starts with an excellent release that showcases the likewise excellent Bristol scene. Guys like these three producers keep House Music vital and exciting. Keep it coming, Bristol!

Written by João Geck
28.07.2017 - 15:59 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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