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Review on: Liem & Eddie Ness – Metronic Disco Fever

Released on Lehult

Liem and Eddie Ness come along with another collabo EP called “Metronic Disco Fever”.  After jaunts to Banoffee Pies and Junkyard Connections the Lehult boys are back on their Hamburg label home base to celebrate more of their jam session house vibes. Referencing Boo Williams alike Chicago groove perspectives and dry Mr. G reminiscent rhythm works the two guys show once more their feel for what it means to build some solid drive on a PA in a club situation. Combined with sleazy 90’s aesthetics on broken beats and stumbling stabs as well as a lot of warming harmonies and romping hardware sounds in the background the four tracks on “Metronic Disco Fever” show some deep house music that sometimes seem to have difficulties to decide between a dark club orgy or a sunny beach party. The question that follows is: Does it have to? No! Because Liem and Eddie Ness manage pretty well to offer heavy house with a dreamy blend that is a versatile companion for day- and nighttime affairs along the four seasons… Great flow stuff for advanced groove busters!

Written by Jan (WPP)

You can buy “Liem & Eddie Ness – Metronic Disco Fever” HERE from whatpeopleplay
02.11.2017 - 14:36 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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