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Review on: Sam Irl – Twelve Inch Jam 002

Released on Jazz & Milk

Bavarian born and Vienna based producer, dj and engineer Sam Irl offers the 2nd round of jazzy, floor-meant house cuts on Jazz & Milk. After also being part of the initial “Twelve Inch Jam” together with label head Dusty, it’s Sam Irl again to continue the series, this time supported by Session Victim on remix duties. In loyalty to the set direction through moody grooves and vibes the “Twelve Inch Jams 002” bring more organic, jazz and space-funk crafted house music with an inherent urgency to cause shaking body parts.  Both versions of “You Don’t Feel Enough” rely on a jazzily swung groove with classical shuffle hi-hat schemes as well as warm and airy harmonic figures.  Despite the fact that the original of Sam Irl and the remix from Session Victim are differently shaped they reach a similar appearance. While Sam Irl starts with a beatmaker jazz house jam that opens up into jolly synthie-funk realms that offers shiny melody treatments , Session Victim go for a more subtly driving floor workout but stay also cheerful and grounded on jazz headed funkiness. Within these organic and dope vibes rooted context both versions stay highly appropriate flow tunes for dance supportive dj environments and become our tip for the heads!

Written by Jan (WPP)

You can buy “Sam Irl – Twelve Inch Jam 002 (Jazz & Milk)” HERE from whatpeopleplay
02.11.2017 - 14:40 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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