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Review on: V.A. – We’ll Sea, Pts. 1 & 2

Released on Mireia

Fresh music from Mireia, the Hamburg/Germany-based label with a gusto for the summery stuff: “We’ll Sea Parts 1 and 2” comes as sort of a double release, summing up five tracks by five different artists. First on the bill is Das Komplex with the groovy easiness of “Las”, a lovely tune for better days under Mediterranean skies. “Las” puts together gentle percussions, some discoid sound effects and a rich bass for an overall peaceful easy feeling. Similar applies to Manuel Binders “Porto” that also has the Balearic touch, yet gets stirred up by dramatic vocal contributions.Johannes Klingebiel gets a little more tangible on “Boys Club”, presenting a wonderfully uplifting melody of synth sound modulations that has more than enough kick to transfer its euphoria to the dance floor. A tune for the days after hardcore.
Even way less hardcore is the EPs highlight, “We’ll Sea” by RSS Disco who slow down the beats to a decently throttled pop groove and (in an indeed reductive way) quote 80s-Pop, as simple as hilarious, a perfect example for the well-known fact that you don’t need that much to come up with fantastic music. Effortless and strangely indefinite, this mirage flows along your ears and mind for some minutes, then it’s gone and you wonder what the hell happened. The great art of nothingness.
Conga Fever then gets back to a smoother attitude, more Balearic again: the lush mid tempo arrangements of “Family Affairs” are founded on deep dub-infected bass lines and topped by a reverb-heavy guitar that could be straight out of mysterious Swedish pop duo Boat Clubs repertoire, creating sun-drenched vibes with a heart of lazy melancholia.

Various Artists’ (as the phrase goes) releases are quite in fashion these days and as with all things can be done good or not. If you just throw together some names and tunes you may get a mess of a bunch of tracks that just don’t work together, if you put some curatorial effort in it you might get something extra-exciting. “We’ll Sea” obviously belongs to the latter, a beautifully shimmering collection of interesting tracks reaching out for the warmer climes, quite diverse but still completely rounded. Good work by Mireia.

Written by João Geck
02.11.2017 - 14:46 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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