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Review: Luke Solomon - 4 To The Floor pres Nu Groove Volume 2

Released on 4 To The Floor Records

Luke Solomon presents his second mix of classic Nu Groove stuff for 4 To The Floor and, even more than the first one I’d say, it is a high class collection of timeless House beats. Nu Groove is of course well-known and celebrated for representing (and in a way being) the highly influential New York House scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s und released more than some fantastic tunes that shaped the face of House we know today, no less. History, you know.

For this second Nu Groove compilation Luke Solomon drew on these plentiful resources and picked as much classics as tracks that went for one reason or another under the radar for a while. And it might be a cliché, yet it’s true that most of these tracks still sound so fresh and modern it seems to be quite a marvel, even more so as the guys who made these tracks ages ago usually worked fast and for the moment and obviously not to create music for eternity (this of course might have done the trick). They were on a roll back then, now Luke Solomon congenially (unsurprisingly so as he’s known as a master of selection) jumped on their train.

The ride starts with tracks like The Visions aptly named “Laidback & Groovy” or Aphrodisiacs fantastic “Just Before The Dawn”, warm and relaxed, sometimes with (more than) a jazzy touch and as smooth and uplifting as it can get, then it gradually finds its way to sweaty House Bombs as “Such A Feelin’” by House Of Peace and Houz’ Neegroz “Keep Dance’n’”, euphoric juicy grooves, obviously repetitive, you might call them simple, but just as obviously not monotonous or dull. In other words: the high art of Dance Music.

Solomon then digs even deeper and comes up with gems such as the sublime “Journey Into A Dream” by DTR (appearing twice, in Sex In Paradise and Funkapella version), from 1989 but sounding as good as ever with its deep bassline and seductive vocals, Total Sciences outstanding track “Freedom”, a soulful and emotional hymn for a better and more danceable world, or the stoic elastic Deep Mix of “On Your Way” by The Sound Vandals.

It’s not that every House record from back then is good but somehow Nu Groove managed to release this quite huge amount of stuff without lowering their quality levels. And, maybe not in all of their tunes but still in quite some, there more to it than just joy or upfront sexiness, there’s an ambivalence to the escapist and hedonistic side of House, even a melancholy underneath, it’s not just light-minded carnival or party music (though it can be just that if you want, that’s the great thing about it.)

So this is an in every way recommendable compilation, available both unmixed and (skillfully) mixed. Whatever version you choose: you can’t go wrong.

Written by João Geck
14.02.2019 - 16:31 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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