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Review on Adam Oko - Diet Of Germs

Released on Second Circle

The latest release on marvellous label Second Circle is another reissue: the Dutch dug deep and found Diet Of Germs, an E.P. by Adam Oko that saw its first release in 2015 as a cassette on London imprint Astro:Dynamics. For Diet Of Germs Adam Oko, who now lives in Tokyo and by the way has a recommendable monthly show on NTS, created four instrumental pieces of distinct beauty that perfectly fit the Second Circle catalogue.
First track The Burrow has an ambientesque touch about it, beats are absent and the lush synths might establish some kind of meditative appeal, yet there's a vibrant tension in the shimmering patterns far from sinking into tranquility. On following tracks then Oko comes up with the groove, rhythms of abstract funkiness reminding of experimental pop from early to mid Eighties, in this case influenced not so much by Japanese legend group Yellow Magic Orchestra but more by its members Ryuichi Sakamotos (Neo Geo!) and Haruomi Hosonos solo work. Suketo and Legs Akimbo form an elegant whirl of flirring keyboard melodies, mysterious vocal samples and tasteful percussions, sometimes calmer (the former) sometimes sharper (the latter). The title track follows that path and adds some jazzy harmonies for an extra twist. Advanced Pop Music and another remarkable release on Second Circle, highly recommended!
Written by João Geck
20.04.2020 - 10:26 – by Hendrik Warnke / hendrik@wordandsound.net

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