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Kenton Slash Demon
Tartelet Records
Vocoderized deepness in the original with a serious kind of well sorted pathos in the end. The Axel Boman dub reduces its pop appeal to create a dense atmosphere of spooky moods and rattled claps. (Hendrik)
Global Warning
Don't Worry About It - The Wikileaks Remixes EP
Minimal Kidz
Vis-a-Vis EP
Electronical Reeds
2562 aka A Made Up Sound
When In Doubt
...Listening through the eleven tracks it is an uncompromising (and heavily compressed) blend of technoid flavors with uk garagey styles for the advanced dancefloors, true future music (and definite future classic)so to speak. (Superdefekt)
Tommy Four Seven
Get Physical Music
Deep House
Move D
Hydrophonic EP
Uzuri Recordings
Music of David Moufang always seems to suceed. Intelligent, deep electronic lines that stimulate every cell in your body...incl. coops with JuJu and Eric D.Clark (Julia)
Jin Choi
You´ve done me wrong
Private Gold
Love Recycled
New York/ Chicago/ Detroit
Orange Muse
BUMP (Incl. Kenny Dope Remixes)
Colourful Recordings
The Tobias Linden Terrace Mix is looking for the euphoric big floor especially outside at the beach, while the basement versions are rather transporting a raw and bouncy groove. Kenny Dope's Beats in his three versions are the trademark of this release and move straight into the feet. Phat. (Hendrik)
Cosmin TRG
A Universal Crush
Rush Hour
Arttu aka Lump
Fear Diluted
Speak of the She Devil
Items and Things / WAS
File under: Trippy Disco inspired dance music, not defined by a genre but more of an attitude. Post-punk undertones mixed with psychedelic sensibility.
Various Artists
Soma 20 Phase One
Various Artists
Various Artists #2-2011
Musik gewinnt Freunde
Deep'a & Biri
Rotary Cocktail
Rotary Cocktail starts their digital section with a deep detroit inspired trip of deep`a & biri and 2 nice remixes by youANDme & Tobi Dreher. The digital only as well as the regular label will keep their standard high and focussed. More soon...(Daniel)
State of Mind EP
Clone Basement Series
Take Me/ Polvo
Ostgut Ton
Dance til the Police Come / Fundamentals
Hessle Audio
Another future classic, this time it‘s Peverelist's first release for the mighty Hessle Audio label. ..fast going dancefloor tune made of a noisy and subtly detuned rave signal melody and Peverlist‘s trademark lentic sub bass, or an anthemic melancholy epic of a track, all to be found here in 2 massive tracks (Superdefekt)
Julio Bashmore
Batty Knee Dance EP
?i? Su?rpriz EP
Civil Music
Todd Terje
Running Back
Infectious beats, bassline, synthy chords and melodies in ''Ragysh'', which reminds to his track ''Eurodans''. ''Snooze For love'' is just a sweet little cosmic dream full of passion and demand especially in the beatless version. While ''Bonysh'' disclaimed the melodies and create an atmosphere of groove and percussion. (Hendrik)
The Soul Renegades
Part Eight
Instruments Of Rapture
Bubble Club
The Goddess (With Quiet Village Remix)
International Feel
Various Artists
Hotflush Recordings
Massive Hotflush label compilation that features older known tracks as well as w whole bunch of unreleased exclusives. Of course we are more interested in the new stuff and Scuba‘s label does not disappoint here...(Superdefekt)
Various Artists
Group of Connected Heads Vol. 2
Highgrade Records
Rennie Foster
Blood Sugar Remixed
Classics of the Week
808 State
The Classic Album by the Pioneers of British Techno and first solo appearance of Björk after leaving the Sugarcubes....and so much more to admire! (PeterG)
Lovelee Dae
Classic Music Company
The People Movers (TPM)
C Lime Woman
Stickman Records
''Do your EQ with a good spectral analyzer to avoid bad frequencies; don't compress too much; don't gain too much; never use the time warp in Ableton; brush your teeth and go to church once a week.'' (Todd Terje)
TOP10 by
We caught Todd Terje browsing our shop, picking some fine tunes of which we thought could be worth showing to you as an especially documented list here. Thanks a lot for this, Toddster!
# 1
An-2 ´Diva (May Version) |Theomatic Records
Harmonic pop appeal surrounded by synthesizer melodies for a careless and fleeting spring passion.
# 2
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro ´Un Canto A Mi Tierra´ (Cut Chemist Rmx) |Tru Thoughts
A multicultural band of exceptional musicians with a great collection on the high quality imprint Tru Thoughts, which also includes this fantastic Cut Chemist remix. The Jurrassic 5 member stays true to his L.A.tin roots to give us this sunny vibe we admire.
# 3
Todd Terje ´Snooze 4 Love´ (Version) | Running Back
Trans dance from the Norwegian Chief inspector producing reatysh hypnotism, properysh beats and a lovelysh Terjerine dream.
# 4
Discreet Unit ´Shake Your Body Down´ | Prime Numbers
A true anthem… very cool vocal snippets and a great drive, quality deep house all the way.
# 5
Dj Garth & Eti ´Simon's Come-Unity Mix´ | Grayhound Recordings
Simon's Come-Unity Mix from 1998 wound up in a license to the rave flick 'Groove' and transport it into a Future Dreams anthem.
# 6
KiNK ´Memories From The Future´ | Snuff Trax For Japan
Cosmic Acid with suddenly appearing disco audiences. Contibution to the snuff tracks for Japan benefit compilation.
# 7
Chopstick & Till Von Sein ´Bachkippe´ | suol
Funky bassline, short and almost trancy chords surrounded by a cosmic break.
# 8
Lee Jones ´Aria´ (Tiger Stripes Rmx) | Aus Music
A Peak time string and house anthem which remains almost timeless as it is once heard so infectious that it will hardly leave your memory ever again. At least it is like that since 2008 when Will Saul's Aus Music released it.
# 9
Rampa ´Falk´ Keinemusik
The beatframe is about to push the floor to a tightness that lets you wonder, whether the sounds of rapture are coming from a crowd rubbing each other up or actually from the tune.
# 10
Shackleton ´Man On A String Pt1 & 2´ | Woe To The Septic Heart
Pulsating and nervous broken beats and subtle percussion madness (dis)appearing into various atmospheres and soundscapes. 12 minutes.
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Also Coming Up This Week
Deep House
Deeply Rooted House
New series on DJ Deep's quality House imprint. ''Harlequin'' is a quality 90s style and to the point swinging deep house track even in the laidback 808 Dub. ''Deep N Raw'' just transports its heavy laden groove and warm chords to end up into a classic string figure. Future nostalgia. (Hendrik)
Audio Werner
Can You Scratch?
hartchef discos
Welt Verbrennt Remixes
Mild Pitch
The Martinez Brothers
The Causeway / Issshhh
Labeled as ''proper New York house bizzness'', deep, energetic and souldful with the quality groove we expect from Objektivity. Great grooves on both tracks treated with classic elements in a really fresh style. (Daniel)
Mic Newman
Live East, Die Young
Rio Padice
Morris / Audio
Indie Dance/ Electro/ Detroit
Cut Copy
Need You Now
Modular Recordings
Another meet again of Gavin Russom and Carl Craig following Carl Craig's remix for Gavin Russom's (with delia gonzalez) ''Relevee'' on DFA. This time both contribute two separated remixes for the australian based band Cut Copy...(Hendrik)
MB Disco
Lady Blacktronika
First Lady of Beatdown Remixes
Your Only Friend Recordings
Mix/ Album/ Compilation
Matt John pres. Various Artists
Potpourri mixed by Matt John
Acid Pauli, Dirty Doering, Matt John, Philip Bader, Nicole und Sascha Barmer, to name just a few, have provided timeless tracks and unforgettable after-hour anthems.
phreek plus one
Phreek Party
compost records
Various Artists
Mental Beauty
Composite Records
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