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Team Hamburg


Hendrik Warnke

support, senior content and head
account manager
employee: since 2005
Hendrik Warnke


Zarah Rehr

digital distributon manager
employee: since 2003

Zarah Rehr




Jan Mohr

digital distribution assistent manager

Jan Mohr

Kai Fraeger

Ceo, Business and Site Development
Owner Wordandsound since 1998

Kai Fraeger

Team Berlin


Peter Armster

Head A&R Wordandsound, Office Management Berlin,
International Relations
Employee since 2006
Peter Armster

Peter Gijselaers

Content Manager,
Social and Mobile Networks
Employee since 2009
Peter Gijselaers

Pop Ambient 2018
Keinemusik (Rampa, Adam Port, &ME)
Claro Intelecto
Prins Thomas