Welcome to the exportable "Whatpeopleplayer".
A free to customize music player solution to export the music YOU play to YOUR personal Website, to YOUR or friends Blogs or "My Space" pages. Simply select the Tracks you wish to export to the Internal Whatpeopleplay music player, click "export this player" and following the "Save Playlist and Show code" Button below. A Html Code appears. Copy and Paste this code into your site (i.e. myspace.com, etc) and You�re there! Display the Whatpeopleplayer with this current Playlist on any page you wish.

And the best:
If you export this player from YOUR FAVORITES or YOUR CHARTS any changes will update "automagically" on the site where you have displayed your Player. Your Charts and Your Favorites will always stay fresh and up to date like this without changing the code in your backend. If you export this player from an artist or labelpage, all new releases will also update - exclusive with the Whatpeopleplayer !